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More thorough than last year and twice as shocking!

You'll be amazed as Jumbo Machinder Record Keeping returns with a whole new batch of saved auction photos!!


........the first known public auction of a boxed Ultraman Leo!!

Sold for 771,000 yen on September 27!


........the long anticipated return of Kingdan X10.

Sold for 400,000 yen on December 14!



Posted 4 January, 2010 - 00:00 by NekroDave

So I figured that since I contribute to a site called collectionDX, I should probably add my collection or something?

The toy room is in a state of transition right now. I'm re-organizing the whole concept. Because of limited space, I'm deciding what to bury in the crawlspace, so tough decisions are being made.

My G1/Diaclone cars are being temporarily retired. V1 1/60 Macross? Sorry, fellas. SOC Mazinger Ladies? I love you, but you are taking a nap for awhile.

Sometime in the far-flung future, I will have a museum-like addition to my home to store every piece in its own spacious well-lit glass case. In the meantime, the display is just a reflection of my current taste and values.

My secret shame revealed! Shelf upon shelf of, gasp, Sentai! My wallet is very thankful that the toys have mostly sucked since SPD. (I did purchase one of these from Sanjeev, though)

Posted 2 January, 2010 - 15:44 by The Enthusiast

GN-Drive Frame and Weapons
The Final Entry.
Stay tuned for the final review.

Posted 30 December, 2009 - 21:07 by Gunpla Rob

Head, Shoulders and Points for Remolding

Posted 30 December, 2009 - 20:57 by Gunpla Rob

So I just had my second Yamato 1/72 VF-11B break apart in my hands after removing it from its box. I know that the hips are terrible on these. I am well aware that one should never even look in the direction of a 1/72 thunderbolt, let alone buy and handle one. I am stupid and have learned my lesson. This is officially my least favorite toy ever*. What is the crappiest toy you've owned?

*second place is the 1901 steampunk Maz by Fewture, whose sticky pvc joints broke off while posing out of the box

Posted 30 December, 2009 - 15:01 by The Enthusiast

Joint Gears and Errors in Quality Control

Posted 26 December, 2009 - 12:14 by Gunpla Rob

Arms and building from the inside out.

Posted 26 December, 2009 - 12:02 by Gunpla Rob

Just wishing everyone in the CDX audience a Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, quanza, festivus or even quaggamas! If you get good toys, show em off here!

Posted 24 December, 2009 - 16:58 by JoshB

Setsuna F. Seiei.

Posted 22 December, 2009 - 21:11 by Gunpla Rob

00-Gundam from the ground up.

Posted 22 December, 2009 - 21:04 by Gunpla Rob

The O-Raiser

Posted 22 December, 2009 - 20:38 by Gunpla Rob

This is about Battletech and Mechwarrior.


Posted 22 December, 2009 - 14:50 by VF5SS
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