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Some minor updates to CDX functionality this week

  • Fixed Newsfeeds so images from other sites display. Also removed links in newsfeed posts, because unless they were full url's, the gave you an error on CDX.
  • Added a link to our YouTube Channel - now you can watch all our videos in one place.
  • Added this blog right here! Now you can keep up with all the boring behind the scenes work we do.
  • Updated the list of links on the front page to lead to better destinations.

As always, if you have any comments or concerns, let us know.

Posted 20 October, 2006 - 09:17 by JoshB

So I might use this blog to talk about the behind-the-scenes of running this site, to inform users of cool features you might not know about, or to just spout out random toy musings. You can subscribe to the XML feed for this blog by clicking the rss button below the blog entries.

Posted 16 June, 2006 - 13:27 by JoshB
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