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There's this weird game tucked into the bottom right corner of the imports page.

It's like Virtua Fighter AND Cyber Sled?


Posted 9 February, 2012 - 11:36 by VF5SS

The Veef Files
Origins of the VF-25

Written by Andrew (VF5SS)

On the eve of Macross’s twenty-fifth anniversary, there was much trepidation as to how the series would progress in terms of Valkyrie designs after the side-story, Macross Zero. The titular VF-0 was essentially another take on the classic VF-1 design so there did not appear to be much progress. The VF-0’s antagonist, the more visually striking Sv-51, garnered a fair bit of interest on its own and is features some unconventional touches that seemed to usher in Macross’s move to using computer generated imagery to render robots and other vehicles. Despite many prominent scenes in Zero utilizing hand drawn robots, the talk of the community was how CG had allowed for more complexity in Valkyrie designs.

Source: Macross Mecha Manual

Posted 8 February, 2012 - 19:15 by VF5SS

Put on your red shoes and dance the blues~

Posted 5 February, 2012 - 14:03 by VF5SS

This is what I do when the Bruins are disappointing me.

Not bad for a first try, wouldn't you say?

Posted 2 February, 2012 - 21:16 by VF5SS

I like this one because it is adorable.

Posted 1 February, 2012 - 17:34 by VF5SS

I wouldn't put any of these jackasses in charge of anything!

Especially you, Docker!

Posted 30 January, 2012 - 12:48 by VF5SS

So the note from Shoji Kawamori for this design sketch for a custom VF-11 calls it a "Vocaloid Valkyrie"

He knew

He always knew

Posted 28 January, 2012 - 20:38 by VF5SS

Prometheum5 and I discuss the most popular western robot series by default. This is a follow-up to a previous podcast and contains much more research and examples of gameplay.


Mechwarrior - 1989.

Battletech (Sharp X68000 port) - 1992

Mechwarrior 2 Mercenaries - 1996

Mechwarrior 2 (PSX port) - 1997

Posted 23 January, 2012 - 16:30 by VF5SS

Nothing out of the ordinary.

I'm sure we'll still be playing You Don't Know Jack and Ultimate 8-ball years later.

Posted 21 January, 2012 - 14:32 by VF5SS

This podcast contains:

Hatsune Miku

Arrestor hooks

and Chinese takeout

Click here to download

Posted 20 January, 2012 - 21:31 by VF5SS

I originally posted this on in a thread about what makes a good combat scene. Since I was recently mulling over Gundam 08th MS Team, I felt the need to show how obviously smart I am and debunk the idea of the infamous Gouf Custom fight as a "good combat scene."

Check it

Posted 17 January, 2012 - 10:56 by VF5SS

When you're a little boy with a copy of Clash of the Bionoids and some markers and pens, you might make this

Posted 13 January, 2012 - 20:43 by VF5SS

We're having a Kamen broment.


Flower Girl is even more everywhere.

Posted 11 January, 2012 - 17:20 by VF5SS

I'm putting this post on my blog for posterity. It's probably easier to reference this than tell people to listen to the matching Veef Show. I will also update this post with new information as it becomes available.


I feel I can speak with some certainty with regards to Macross that the reason there is no large modern Regult is because it's not seen as being terribly important or even iconic. Yeah, it's kind of a neat walking egg design, but even in Japan those are common. It never had any specific character tied to it and was effectively only created for the big reveal (in the second episode) that hey, we've got space giants. Later in the show it was supplanted with arguably cooler and more traditional humanoid power suits like the Queadluun Rau that Milia uses, which is great because it's tied to a specific character. When it came time to do Macross Do You Remember Love, the Regult was relegated to a cameo where it gets blowed up real good.

Posted 10 January, 2012 - 15:07 by VF5SS
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