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Tamashii No Tokyo Part 4 - Super Imaginative Tourist

Another day, another adventure.

This was Thursday.

At the end of Preview Night at Tamashii Nations, we agreed to meet the next day and take a trip out to the burbs again to visit SIC Sculptor Takeuki Takeya. I set off in the morning along my usual route, it's a beautiful day. I stop and take some shots along the way...

Birds outside of a resturant in Tokyo

The only gas station I saw in metro Tokyo. Notice how the fuel is dispensed from above.

The only gas station I saw INSIDE Tokyo

Lucky Cat (Maneki Neko)

Lucky Cat in Tokyo

Decora Truck. Like people who customize cars here, people in Japan customize their delivery trucks.

Decora Truck


Japanese Stamps

For breakfast this morning I stop at the McDonalds on the far side of Akiba and I decide to get the Mega Muffin

McDonalds Mega Muffin

Two sausage patties, Egg, Bacon, Cheese and a muffin. Why are the Japanese thin again?

Unfortunately it wasn't as good as it looks, as it was smothered in Ketchup. The Japanese use TONS of Ketchup and Mayonaise, all in the wrong places.

Oh yeah, also on the breakfast menu, the McHotDog.

McHotDog Classic in Tokyo McDonald's

Apparently, Hot Dogs are seen like a breakfast sausage in Japan. No idea why. But here it is - hot dog, hash browns and coffee. Yay.

We meet up at the UDX building again, and gawk at the line outside. Mostly these people are here buying the exclusives.

Tamashii Expo Lineup

We left Akiba and took a train to Koenji, and promptly got lost:

Lost in Koenji

I saw this inventive parking space;

Tight Fit

I like the towel on the rope. Prevents scratching on the car.

Here's an odd thing, and nobody in my crew batted an eye at this. In a window in what I presume is a shop, is a display of figurines with giant penises. Aah... Japan.

Phallic Figures in a window in Koenji

How could I not take pictures of these?

Its not just dick all the time either:

Sex Figures in Koenji

Phallic Figures in a window in Koenji

Monk sitting on Giant wooden Tanuki Balls. That should get some interesting hits in google.

Monk sitting on Tanuki Balls

Sex Figures in Koenji

From there we finally found his workshop, which you can view here. More of the day later...

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Something about the Popeye

Something about the Popeye in the last pic cracks me up. That's not even a joke figure, is it? His face really does look like a sack. Huh. How did I never notice that before?

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