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Building a 3D printed Mech

Vintage Kenner Hoth Playset

Phil over at Battlegrip dug up this commercial of the old Hoth Ice Planet playset. I used to have this (and the Sandcrawler playset it was based off of). It was a lot of fun, but the cardboard backdrop was just not durable at all. How much I wish we could get a DVD of all the old star wars commercials in good quality.


Road Wars / Star Wars custom figures

Alpha nerd Patton Oswalt commissioned this set of Road Warriors / Star Wars action figures from customizer Sillof. He’s done previous commissions for Oswalt including Steampunk Star Wars. These are so far removed from actual action figures though, I think they are more like statues at this point. I think “custom” in regard to action figures means you modified an existing figure to build a new one. These seem all original, with slight nods to Star Wars. Still, very cool.

Star Wars Road Warrior Custom Figures

Building a 3D printed Mech

Our friend David White from Mechazone got a 3D printer and decided to turn one of his mecha illustrations into a 3D model. For a first try the result is extremely impressive. It gives hope that someday we will all be building our own mechs. Follow his progress on his new instagram account.

Mecha Zone 3D Printed Mech

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The instagram link doesn't work

Just letting you know. It is a great 3D model though :D

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