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Third Rebuild of Evangelion title revealed

Just a quick note here.

On January 1, 2012, Studio Khara released the international title of the third film in the Rebuild of Evangelion quadrilogy. As you may or may not know, as with the TV series in 1995-96, each film has two titles- a Japanese one, and an international one.

2007- "Evangelion: 1.0- You Are (Not) Alone" ("Evangerion Shin Gekijōban: Jō")
2009- "Evangelion: 2.0- You Can (Not) Advance" ("Evangerion Shin Gekijōban: Ha")

The third Rebuild film's international title will be:

Evangelion: 3.0- You Can (Not) Redo
("Evangerion Shin Gekijōban: Kyu")

At the same time Khara announced the international title of 3.0 to be released in Japan in Fall 2012, they also confirmed that the fourth-and-final film, "Evangelion: Final" will be released in theaters in 2013, though a title has not been given for it yet.

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"Shin Gekijōban" means simply "The New Movies", while each film has been assigned a different name-
"" means "prelude".
"Ha" means "break".
"Kyu" means "quickening".

Posted 6 January, 2012 - 06:29 by EVA_Unit_4A