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Onto the homefront

Perhaps the point of a blog is to explore me rather than the products I review...

...or am I wrong? (I don't know- I've never done a blog before!)

Many of you who may be wondering what the hell I've been doing this fall. Here's what's up as far as my reviews go- keeping in mind that money is tight as ever, as we all know:

I finally got the DX-sized Engines Toripter and Jetoras from "Engine Sentai Go-Onger" last week. The thing is, I ordered them all the way back in June!

Hell, Jumboale is still on back-order through the online store I use! And that's the problem- it's so late in the game now that most online stores aren't carrying him anymore. BBTS, HLJ, and many of CDX's own sponsors either don't carry Super Sentai stuff period,, had limited quantities to begin with (i.e. it isn't one of their major items) or are out-of-stock themselves. I don't use eBay, so that's not an option either. And since I don't know how he'll be modified for the up-coming "Power Rangers R.P.M.", that isn't really an option either, and I'm less-than-thrilled with the latter prospect.
What am I going to do!?

Anyways, once I get Toripter and Jetoras covered, I'll move on with DX-sized Engine DaiShougun and Go-Roader GT, which I am more enthusiastic about.

I just finished putting together the reviews for two fairly significant "Power Rangers Jungle Fury" sets. I acquired both months ago, but the headache has been more in assembling their photographs and videos. The written stuff is easy, of course, but the visual aspects are becoming more and more difficult to manage.

However, thanks to our own webmaster, JoshB, I have successfully broken into video editing using Windows MovieMaker. And so now, I will be assembling the videos myself rather than having to do multiple lengthy uploads during the night(s) to Josh!

To crown my first (and all future) edits, I have also made for myself a new intro customized specifically for videos which I shoot! While it is certainly a big step for me to do this, I really like what I did with it, and am look forward to your reactions as well! There is only one component I am missing, but for the time-being, I am using a [cheesy] stand-in for it until I can acquire the true final piece of the multi-layered puzzle.
I hope that my new editing style will also be a kick in small ways as well; personal quirks & opinions of my video photography leaking a little further into the multimedia medium than you'd expect in the past.

I know that I promised to have the LEGO Republic Cruiser up in October, but other things took precedence, and that has become delayed until December or even January!
I also have a no-longer-mint "Transformers: Armada" Mini-Con set that I reviewed in August, but that too, has been pushed back because of the red-shooting camera issue. (I mean- 12 shots; is that really so difficult a thing to ask for!?)

Though also neglected, I have yet to write reviews for Transformers Universe Autobots Powerglide and Prowl; both still sealed in the packaging. I wanted to get more, but the very-unusual delay in getting Toripter and Jetoras forced my hand.
I am still planning to cover "Transformers Animated" Blitzwing, Optimus Prime (Cybertron-Mode), Ultra Magnus, and Swoop when they come to the Pacific Northwest. New additions from that line will be Blurr, Samurai Prowl, Swindle, Shockwave, and then maybe- repeat: maybe- the Elite Guard twins Jetfire & Jetstorm (aka StarGuard).

Posted 19 November, 2008 - 05:58 by EVA_Unit_4A