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Hosts: Betty, Dylan, James, Jeremy

This is about a girl named Spider, a crappy rubber puppet, and trapping the janitor in the closet.

Click [HERE] to go bowling with a severed head.

Posted 25 May, 2009 - 03:37 by Destroy All Pod...

Hosts: Dylan, Jeremy

This is about lacrosse satellites, tasering a dude you are making out with, low rent Antonio Banderas, and girls with big guns and bigger implants. Ah, the simple joys of a crappy b-grade action movie.

Click [HERE] to learn about what IWAR is an "anagram" for.

Posted 4 May, 2009 - 04:35 by Destroy All Pod...

Up now is a guest appearance by Jeremy on the Greatest Movie Ever Podcast!

Jeremy and Paul discuss the mind-bending eXistenZ, a movie full of trippy nested realities and thoughtful commentary on video games. And Willem Dafoe.

Click [HERE] to listen to Jeremy guest hosting The Greatest Movie Ever or [HERE] to visit the Greatest Movie Ever homepage!

Posted 22 April, 2009 - 16:28 by Destroy All Pod...
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