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Destroy All Podcasts DX Special Report - SDCC Day 2 - Franz Kafka's A Country Doctor


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Rant part 2

(continued from here)

Is Destroy All Podcasts supposed to be reviewing these shows and movies it covers? If so, they should only last a few minutes. The point of a review is not to describe everything that happens in a show or movie in explicit detail, otherwise you eliminate the reason for the listener to bother seeking out the show or movie in question.

Here's an idea you'd never use, turn this podcast into a "book club." Tell people in advance what you're going to watch, give them a week or two to watch it, and then post your synopsis and foster some actual interaction via the comments section. Instead, it seems like you're just looking for bragging rights that you found something obscure and/or stupid, and that gives you the right to blab about it for half an hour. News flash: if there's no touchstone of shared experience, nobody cares. You may as well be podcasting about what you dreamed last night.

I feel like I should squeeze out some complimentary words, so here they are: Star's energy and delivery are good. She sounds pretty earnest, almost like she's hoping to use these podcasts as a springboard to the next thing. Stop wasting her time. Pull the plug on this show and give her a chance to try this strategy out.

There was nothing "special" about these "special reports." It was the same old crap. Kotobukiya should have charged this podcast rent to occupy space at their booth, because having them there did nothing for them. CollectionDX is wasting server space and bandwith on these and other people are going to be pissed off that they downloaded them. Delete, delete, delete.

- Duke Togo

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Posted by Roger on 25 July, 2009 - 22:53
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