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Destroy All Podcasts DX Episode 48 - Detonator Orgun


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Yeah! First and probably

Yeah! First and probably last comment!

This was a pretty good OVA that managed to keep spirits up despite being SRS BUIZNES. I especially loved the commercials,

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Posted by Viokni on 19 July, 2008 - 01:19
Oh, it REALLY was Kia Asamiya

Oh, it REALLY was Kia Asamiya that designed characters! I was just thinking that it looks like his designs...only to find out that they are. XD Also, love me some earlier Susumu Hirasawa music!! What I also like about Detonator Orgun is similiar designs to Bubblegum Crisis and Gall Force. On the minus side, I find visual storytelling a bit confusing...maybe I don't like Masami Obari's directing style too much. Still, this anime is fun. Not perfect by any means, but still fun.

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Posted by boz_manga on 31 December, 2010 - 15:49