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Destroy All Podcasts DX Episode 323 - Rad


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Eating shit that is the 80's.

Good thing I never got into that whole racket, but I can recall how big BMX seemed to be in the mid 80's thanks to movies like this, though I never seen one at all (and probably good that I didn't, but certainly sounds like a no-brainer weekend thing). I think my view of biking was shaped by Pee Wee's Big Adventure and the biker crew that acted like Pee Wee's bike was the coolest when I was sure they could care less. A better movie about bikes (though not of the BMX variety) was "Breaking Away", loved that film.

The part about the metal saucer sleds reminded me of "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation". In that one we had our Chevy Chase character riding at top speed on one of those after lubing it up with some lubricate he got from his work that was meant to make it go really fast and it showed, all the way across the park, across the street, across a parking lot and right into a display in front of a Walmart. At the time I saw this (1990 I suppose), I wonder what Walmart was since we didn't have any of them around here at all (they wouldn't come into the Toledo area until the early 2000's so you can understand my reasoning). At the time I thought it was a cop-out they didn't try to have him crash somewhere inside the store. If I wrote this thing he'd be cruising on past the front entrance (hopefully someone has it open by then), past the checkout aisle and onto one of those "Talk to Santa" deals with him running into the fat guy, perfect end to a scene, as it stands, basic.

Hearing talk of "ate shit", I guess that would be what I use to call a "dismount" personally. I suppose I had a few of those though the worst I ever had on a bike was getting hit by a car at least half a dozen times, yet I managed to pull through, and never even stayed at a hospital as I pretty much walked away fine, my bike not so much. We all go through that stupid stage in our lives.

Betty's Kix anecdote made me think of the time in junior high when we had to dissect frogs and the experience of slicing through the muscle tissue on those guys reminded me too much of mozzarella cheese on pizza. Thankfully though that moment didn't make me stop eating pizza because of it, though as a kid, an episode of "Mighty Mouse: The New Adventures" did make me sick of Cheerios for good ("Mighty's Benefit Plan").

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Posted by Chris@StudioToledo on 21 April, 2014 - 18:19
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