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Destroy All Podcasts DX Episode 318 - Flight of the Navigator


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See ya later, navigator!

I suppose it made sense this was directed by the guy who did all those movies I had already seen before like Boy in the Plastic Bubble (which also pissed me off too so you're not alone Jeremy). Speaking of Grease, you can hear the tune "You're The One That I Want" on the radio as they drive home from the Frisbee competition at the beginning.

I will agree wholeheartedly with you guys on what I thought made the film work during that first have when he finds himself in the future and stuck in a situation that he was in. If this movie did not involve metallic brain-looking ship as we have, it certainly would've been an interesting watch the whole time however conclusion this film could've went before the UFO came in. As a kid, I wasn't too big on the present-day angle the kid finds himself in, as I thought more of where he was from (1978). I suppose I'm a sucker for period pieces certainly, and looking back at the film almost 30 years later, it clearly shows without being too overt. It is interesting the choice of the music video used in the film when the kid wondered what was happening on screen. I suppose it was cheaper to use that clip than it was to go with something from Twisted Sister like "We're Not Gonna Take It." Of course I always found it weird he would be into Beach Boys at all when he was just born while they were starting to wind down in the 60's, oh well. I suppose it was thankful we didn't get too many late 70's references thrown in like the kid stating he hated Disco or wished to see Star Wars again and was shocked to find out it was on tape already. And because I brought that up, here's an off-topic clip about home video copying/pirating from David's time...

It's interesting the Sarah Jessica Parker character wasn't the same girl David had some sort of secret crush on earlier in the film. I suppose I mistake that as well watching it as a kid thinking that would've made sense if she never knew David before since he never talked to her yet. Hopefully though whatever tips he picked up in '86 will help me speak to that other girl back in his time again (of course we end the film with the family on the boat watching the fireworks rather than for him to try to excuse himself out of it to talk to the girl somehow but whatever, social media wouldn't be around for another quarter century. Speaking of which, I recall someone once said they were remaking this film a couple years ago. The only thing that came in my head was thinking hardly anything culture-wise has changed much in 8 years. While it's true the issue of everyone growing up around you would still be there, I feel like entertainment as it was in 2006 to now hasn't changed too much in my opinion, but that's just me being my cranky self. At least we still have Paul Reubens!

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Posted by Chris@StudioToledo on 18 February, 2014 - 22:40
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