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Destroy All Podcasts DX Episode 311 - The Super Mario Bros. Super Show: Little Marios & Koopa Claus


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Synchro-podcast-icity and other festive off-topic junk!

No sooner did you upload this episode review of a show I could care less about, than another podcaster reviewed the exact thing some 10 hours later, while also covering the episode of Super Mario World where the guys bother telling the cave people about Christmas as well, of course not as funny as you guys anyway but worth noting just for that.

I recall watching the "Super Show" a lot back in '89 but perhaps more for the Lou and Danny segment and less on the cartoon portion except Zelda. It was an interesting time indeed when just getting a cartoon based on a then-big video game series came out at all (yet it seemed like shades of what came before with Pac-Man and "Saturday Supercade" slush of the early 80's). Just couldn't get into the odd nature of the cartoons basically mixing up the first two NES games along with Super Mario Land on the GameBoy, but they had to shoehorn it in. Of course this show would also give us "King Koopa" rather than Bowser from the original game as the big baddie (because some studios feel they could come up with a better character in the end). I sorta assume "Toad" in the show was the Curly Howard or the Lou Costello of the group the way he acts. Trying to act tough but comes off shrimpy and weak.

Speaking of pathetic Christmas specials, reminded myself Doug had a second one that aired on ABC in '96 or so, where one scene had the father getting ready to tell his kid about the birds and bees, only to learn Doug already knew that stuff already (Innocence was lost that night).

I love Zuey's TMNT fantasies. I suppose some of us probably had moments when we thought that way about the characters we loved from the comics or cartoon adaptations (for me, probably more so the 80's show, but I never had Rule 34-level dreams of April O'Neil dance in my head quite as much though I'm sure we all wanted to peel that banana jumpsuit of hers once in a while). Reminded one episode of the 2000 series had the guys being transported into the future so we had the turtles and Splinter go in their 'birthday suits' for nearly half the episode (apparently clothes can't transfer over like biological organisms). I'm sure a lot of appetites were whet that day (of course they wouldn't draw all that 'extra details' anyway but you can fill in the blanks).

That does bring up one thing while you talked about not peeling the shell to get to the breast. Turtles' shells are really their body itself All the guts are permanently fixed inside, yet in cartoons, the convention tends to be that turtles wear their shells like suits that can be easily removed at will, often revealing a turtle as a frail, thin-looking green naked body inside. We all ate that up until we find out the truth sooner or later (for me, it was a book showing the cross section of a turtle's body, though I'm sure plenty have tried pulling their arms, heads and legs out too only to discover the painful truth anyway). Still it's a cheap gag and one we sorta go with anyway if only because it's convenient. I think in the later games like Super Mario World, when you land on a koopa troopa once, they fly out of their shells and are left with undershirts on. That sort of thing actually happened in the older Mario Bros. arcade game from 1983 where similar shelled characters, when laying upside down, have to jump out of their shells to kick them over before getting back in.

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Posted by Chris@StudioToledo on 23 December, 2013 - 14:15
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