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Destroy All Podcasts DX Episode 310 - Donkey Kong Country: The Kongo Bongo Festival of Lights


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Canadian CGI Junk!

Without having listen to the podcast yet, the memory of wanting to see this one flooded my mind just now. It was 1998 (or maybe 99) and I managed to find a guy up in Canada through Usenet who sent me a VHS tape with some 4 random episodes of the show to view. It had yet to air on American TV and was only seen on Canada's "Teletoon". Needless to say it wasn't worth it, but being a weeaboo I didn't know better. At that time, seeing anything that was unavailable to you was all the more reason to pursue it (anime parallels, here folks). Not sure I want to re-live that again, but love to hear you guys rip on this.

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Posted by Chris@StudioToledo on 16 December, 2013 - 12:00
Some Nelvana Nirvana

Just noticed this was an Nelvana production, I'm sure plenty here remember that studio well for such gems as the cooky holiday specials like "The Devil & Daniel Mouse", Care Bears, the Droids/Ewoks cartoon shows, Beetlejuice and the ill-fated "Rock & Rule" feature. I guess at this point in time Nelvana started listing their overseas partners as a "Co-Production" the way they're credited in the shows. Basically it seems like another excuse to come up with something fancier to say than simply "Overseas Animation Facility" or "Produced in Association with". Of course this form of 'Runway Production' is nothing new, we Americas have been doing it since the 50's when TV studios often looked to other countries with lower wages to send work to than to continue paying the unionized workers of our fine country.

Incidentally, I would probably watch this than Michael Bay's movies any day, or none at all, though I see CGI animation hasn't changed much since the 90's when it comes to cranking out a TV series of 13 or more episodes per season. Of course you guys have already done "Food Fight!" before (albeit, that one is an exception for having been produced by very inexperienced people). I'm sure though the shows have gotten better though Canada has lately produced a lot more Flash-based programming than I could care to see.

I still think Nelvana's crowning achievement (though not animated) was this 1980's daily television classic.

Speaking of Food Fight!, here's one movie coming out to DVD soon you guys need to see (I already did thanks to BitTorrent 6 years ago)!

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Posted by Chris@StudioToledo on 17 December, 2013 - 15:51
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