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Destroy All Podcasts DX Episode 267 - Fat Albert's Christmas Special

Hosts: Die-anne, Jeremy

This is about homeless pregnant ladies, fat jokes, and laugh tracks.

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Posted 10 December, 2012 - 05:51 by Destroy All Pod...


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Fat Albert has one of the

Fat Albert has one of the best theme songs in all of cartoons: FACT

I'm a black guy, and I don't subscribe to the term "African-American" Really, at this point, it sounds like a term that white people use to sound like they respect black people. Originally, it was created to give a term that's equal to Irish-American, Asian-American, Mexican-American, etc. Now it strangely sounds so proper, so overly PC. I'm a "black person" and that's not insensitive to say.

Also, as a black guy, I got chill after chill whenever Darc-anne started talking about black people. I was waiting for when the racial wheels were going to fall off. I was so scared! She was so inebriated!

Anyway, I think you guys should review Keenan and Kel. It launched the "career" of Keenan Thompson, which is odd, since he was the less funny of the two, and he is the least funny person on SNL now.

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Posted by Yotaru on 16 December, 2012 - 08:46
Re: Fat Albert

I've heard people refer to a man from England as "African-American". How you gonna apply "X-American" to someone who has never even lived in America? It's weird.

Did she actually say something that bothered you or were you just afraid she was going to?

I've actually wanted to do some of the old Nick stuff, but I mostly watched them on All That. I think Keenan and Kel came out late enough that I was too busy going to concerts and going on dates to really watch TV anymore, so I only remember seeing Keenan and Kel once or twice, but I'm sure the Internet can provide.

And yeah, he is sure not impressing on SNL. Oh well.

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Posted by Destroy All Pod... on 16 December, 2012 - 18:47
I understand showing that you

I understand showing that you respect people from other cultures and backgrounds from you, but sometimes people are so scared of being considered racist or insensitive that they overcompensate.

People just need to be...people sometimes. Just hang out.

No, Die-darc-anne didn't say anything bad, and if she did I wouldn't care. I like that at least people say what's ratting around in their brains.

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Posted by Yotaru on 17 December, 2012 - 13:10
As the other black guy I second Yotaru :p

Black person, people, etc, is fine. Though if you ever feel the need to get Super P.C. on someone drop "american of African decent" on them rather than "African american" As the former makes a bit more since in regards to black Americans than the latter (which is would be a better descriptor for African born american citizens than black american) Though I could be over thinking things :P

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Posted by G.K. on 17 December, 2012 - 03:24
Oh, BTW, a suggestion

I've been racking my brain thinking of an anime that's quirky and out of the norm. There's an anime called Kemonozume, by the same guy who recently did, like, the first ever mainstream anime Kickstarter, KickHeart.

Anyway, this guy has a strange art style, and I felt it would be right up your alley. It didn't get a proper release (as far as I have found) but you can find all the episodes in a video search. Somebody put it all on Veoh.

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Posted by Yotaru on 17 December, 2012 - 13:14
Those later Fat Albert

Those later Fat Albert episodes (namely the syndicated 1984 season) was pretty intense with some of it's episodes dealing with violence and drug abuse. I recall an episode dealing with a brother of a member of a street gang that had a bright future in being a comedian but whose life is taken away during a gang rumble down a street, with Fat Albert having to knock sense to the older brother who wanted to avenge his younger brother's death. Here's one favorite moment where they're taken to prison a la "Scared Straight"...

And yet, the use of black people in this never seem awkard to me (having a father who sat there watching Sanford & Son and The Jeffersons five nights a week 30 years ago). I use to watch Fat Abert Saturday mornings on CBS and then it was in syndication in 1984 with a new set of episodes made that had some updated topics like drugs and computer hacking.

Incidentally, Bill Cosby's character in the Cosby Kids was the very normal-looking kid in the white sweater with his younger brother Russell in that blue coat. He was like the far regular looking guy amongst a gang of weirdos as I put it design-wise. The show certainly had it's "educational value" built-in the way each episode had a lesson to be learned through story and song. Not perhaps the same as the E/I programming today but at least they got to have some fun writing these.

Certainly the animation wasn't the best here. Filmation of course was quite a cheap studio who would re-use the same head shots and sequences over and over again in every episode.

Sad Die-anne didn't like this being a "Christmas" special, though I suppose it has been all we ever had even though I didn't mind it at all being Christian anyway, but I usually go for the secular view of the holiday season anyway. It is a shame how it's gotten these days in the way religion has to get it's way in the politically-correct world we live in.

Thinking of something else Filmation did that involved Bill Cosby in it that might be of interest to check out, I'd suggest some odd TV special made in the early 70's called "Aesop's Fables: The Tortoise and The Hare". It's pretty bizarre in it's live-action sequences setting up the animated tale contained.

There's also the movie Filmation managed to crank out before their closure in the 1980's called "Pinocchio & The Emperor of The Night" that seems to be quite a dark, nightmarish sequal to the familiar story that left many 6 year olds wetting their pants I'm told. Story wise it's pretty basic yet the animation was quite well made and at least they got to "animate" fully for once. Might be interesting for a podcast review.

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Posted by Chris@StudioToledo on 1 March, 2013 - 22:49
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