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I know I promised a blog post of more substance, but instead I spent hours trying to get several different store plugins working until I finally gave up. Turns out a Paypal button is simple and easy, so I ended up going with that!

Please check out the latest page of Golden Gate Riot or buy a copy in the store today!

In other news, I totally failed at 24 Hour Comics Day since I was still totally exhausted from APE 2012, but I drew three and a half pages before I passed out. Failure! Here's the pages of my unfinished comic Squidpunk.

Also be sure to check out the amazing Die-anne's 24 Hour Comic which she actually finished! It's called Damn Good Coffee and it's about an insomniac slug watching Twin Peaks. I'm serious. She is rad.

I promise next week I will write a nice essay.

Posted 24 October, 2012 - 00:04 by Destroy All Pod...
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