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Destroy All Comics - Golden Gate Riot and Printing for APE 2012

Hi folks! Please read this week's Golden Gate Riot! It's fancy. In other news, I'm busy stressing out over Alternative Press Expo 2012 lately! Be sure to come check us out at booth 849 at the Concourse in San Francisco this weekend, October 13th (11 AM-6 PM Pacific) and 14th (11 AM-7 PM Pacific)! Star St. Germain and I will be selling copies of Golden Gate Riot. Star will have some other work available, and with us will be our fantastic web designer, Kristen Adam, selling some prints of her lovely and macabre art and collarattes.

Also with us will be the fantastic Die-anne with her whimsical and bizarre book The Adventures of Helly Kelly and her diary project Dear Simone. Enjoy this semi-blurry picture of her with her books.

Posted 10 October, 2012 - 00:39 by Destroy All Pod...
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