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Destroy All Comics - GGR and A Transformers Preview of Jeremy's Misspent Youth

Okay, so as you've come to expect, we have a hot new page of Golden Gate Riot for your reading pleasure.

I also have been working on getting some art scanned and cleaned up for Jeremy's Misspent Youth, which is art and comics I made when I was a kid. Turns out I actually located some extremely early art I made, to the tune of 1986. I didn't realize anything that old survived, but it did.

This is a drawing I made around age 5 of Rodimus Prime, the second leader of the Autobots from The Transformers, the guy who took over when Optimus Prime died. While I can't give kid me any points for accuracy, I give kid me a 10 for style.

A dear friend of mine also mailed me a really art project we made together sometime in the '80s that I am really excited to share, too! Soon! Soon!

Posted 28 November, 2012 - 03:04 by Destroy All Pod...
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