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Destroy All Comics - APE 2012 is Over. Must Sleep. (Also read new GGR.)

So Alternative Press Expo 2012 is over! It was really fun, but I am so glad I can finally catch up on my sleep. This pictures is by the amazing Die-anne. We really did have a box full of candy to lure unsuspecting con-goers to our booth. You can lead a horse to candy, but you can't make him get a sugar high, though. Five people bought copies of Golden Gate Riot. I've heard that APE is a hard show to actually sell comics at. My experience kind of bears that out since in 2010 Jeik didn't sell many copies Holy Right and this year I sure didn't sell many copies of Golden Gate Riot, but cutesy merchandise seems to sell really well, so I guess that's just the nature of APE. I'm hoping for a better showing at Stumptown Comics Fest in Portland next year. At any rate, check out our podcast with (with lots of pictures) on APE 2012 right [HERE].

In the meantime, I'm going to be opening the Destroy All Comics online store very soon! Like next week soon (barring technical problems) you'll be able to buy copies of Golden Gate Riot online! I have a question for you folks, though:

Do you care what kind of shipping I use to get you your books? Does shipping price matter a lot to you? Please comment and let me know.

Oh yes, and do not forget there's a new page of Golden Gate Riot up today!

Posted 17 October, 2012 - 00:25 by Destroy All Pod...
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