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These are reviews that aren't toys themselves. Items in this category could be games, books, Dvd's etc..

Mazinger Z: Infinity review

If you like Transformers, Voltron, or giant robots in general, you owe it all to the one that started it all, Mazinger Z

2018-02-13 18:08
Funko's Savage World Mortal Kombat line revealed!

Funko's Savage World Mortal Kombat line revealed!


2018-01-03 17:17
New Trexi from Yes Anime

New Trexi from Yes Anime

Naruto, Death Note, Bleach and Tiger and Bunny!

2015-12-06 21:26
Alien ReAction Figures

Alien ReAction Figures

The Aliens ReAction figures from Super7 and Funko are a fantastic idea that hits every nostalgic note right on the money.

2013-12-10 20:32

From Up On Poppy Hill film review by Leonardo Flores

On Saturday July 16th, 2011 I had the pleasure to be in Japan and be present for the opening day debut of the latest Studio Ghibli feature film, From Up On Poppy Hill (Kokuriko-zaka kara), the second feature film to be directed by Goro Miyazaki, son of studio co-founder Hayao Miyazaki.

2011-07-25 16:39

Mecha Zone 2: The art of David A White

A review of David's new book of Mecha art, plus your chance to win a free copy!

2010-10-28 08:27

Junior Machinder Overview Part 4: The Other Guys

So who made all that other stuff I've seen floating around? Read on to find out...

2013-03-23 19:32

Movie Review: The Last Airbender

I've seen the movie. It's bad. It's really not very good at all. Is it the worst movie ever? No, not by a long shot.

2010-10-11 10:41
Battle Strikers

Battle Strikers

You may remember the BeyBlade fad a few years ago. Well, Battle Strikers takes this concept in a new direction. But the concept of the Japanese Battle Tops goes back hundreds of years. Called "Beigoma", these tops could be found in Japan as far back as 1200 AD. The idea was that you would have a top that was wound with string, and you would launch it into a ring and try to knock another top out of the ring.

NathanB and JustinB HD VIDEO REVIEW

2010-10-11 10:39

1/8 Klan Klang Micronized Version

Klan Klan! This is the newest edition to the Excellent Model Series and the first in what I am sure will be a flood of fixed posed figures from the Macross Frontier franchise.

2010-10-11 10:42

DVD Review: Toys Are Us - A Revolution in Plastic

Toys Are Us – A Revolution in Plastic is a new DVD from X-Ray Films. Produced, written and edited by Brian Stillman, Toys Are Us is a look into the world of designer vinyl toys, and look at their creators. Read on for the CollectionDX review.

2010-10-11 10:43

Neo Shifters Video Review with JoshB, NathanB, and JustinB

While the wife is away I try to keep the kids busy building some Neo Shifters. Whoo boy.

2010-10-11 10:43

Speed Racer Movie Review

This movie reduced me to a 7 year old, and I loved every minute of it.

2010-10-11 10:43

CollectionDX Presents: The 2007 Holiday Buying Guide for (mostly) Japanese Toys

If you have ever heard that special someone utter words like Kaiju, Chogokin, Die-Cast, High Metal, Mecha, Super Robot, Transformable, Sentai, DX, Jumbo, Tokusatsu or know what those terms mean then this is the buying guide for you.

2010-10-11 10:45

Exclusive 1/55 Scale Battle Damaged Strike Valkyrie

So here is a little story about how CollectionDX really started whether Josh admits it or not. :)

2010-10-11 10:45

Flash Gordon 1980

The 80’s where a great decade of movies; Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Flash Gordon, Tron and The Black Hole come to mind to name just a few. After some discussion Josh and I decided to try a series of articles talking about some of our favorite movies of that era. So to get the ball rolling here is my retrospective on Flash Gordon the 1980 film.

2010-10-11 10:42
Japanese Transformers Movie Poster

Transformers Movie 2007

So I went to my local theater to see Transformers this weekend. What did I think? Did I leave grinning from ear to ear, eager to see it again or has Michael Bay really done something unspeakable to a cherished childhood icon? SLIGHT SPOILER: WARNING IS GIVEN IN ADVANCE.

2010-10-11 10:46
POPY GB-73 ST Dairugger XV

Bagged Popy Chogokin

It's hard to believe, but Popy actually sold chogokin in plastic bags.

2010-10-11 10:47
Mystic Morpher vs. Magiphone

Power Rangers Mystic Force Mystic Morpher vs. Magiphone

This is a comparison of the Power Rangers Mystic Force Mystic Morpher BANDAI
and it's Japanese counterpart, the Magiranger Magiphone made by BANDAI

2010-10-11 10:44
SPD Battlized Morpher

Power Rangers SPD Battlized Morpher

This is just a re colored Power Rangers S.P.D. Omega Morpher. The light and sounds are exactly the same.

2010-10-11 10:43
SPD Omega Morpher vrs. Dekaranger Blay Throttle

SPD Omega Morpher vrs. Dekaranger Blay Throttle

The US version only does 2 things sound-wise and only has a single, red LED, while the Japanese version has 7 different sounds and 6 LEDs of 3 different colors.

2010-10-19 11:02

Delta Morpher VS. SPD License

The whole thing about this is not that the Japanese version is the greatest thing ever, it's that the US version is a total piece of crap.

2010-10-11 10:47

Power Rangers SPD Patrol Morpher VS. Dekaranger Master License

The Japanese version is better, but keep in mind you get what you pay for.

2010-10-11 10:47

SD Gundam Force Collectable Card Game Review

A review of the new card game from Bandai America featuring everyone's favorite pint-sized robots!

2010-10-11 10:47
counter display

DinoMania collectables roar into North America

Japanese Model-Maker Kaiyodo to Distribute in U.S. After Selling 20,000,000 in Japan

2010-10-11 10:47
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