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Every other week (or so) the CDX Crew cover the best in Toy News, Reviews and Commentary.

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Episode 83 - 12 inch Xanadu

This week we talk about a live-action Patlabor movie, the return of Assemble Borg, Dynamic Change Getter Robo G, more knock off charm of Moto Bot 6x6 and Transtruck Titan, Detonator Orgun and some Appleseed Saga EX Machina Snap Kits.

2019-05-16 13:54

Episode 82 - Perverted Woody

This week Josh sits in for Josh and Len "Geek-A-Week" Peralta joins us as we talk a lot more about the giant robot and kaiju goodness of Pacific Rim, the 30th anniversary of Return of the Jedi, the insanity that is Attack on Titan and of course our usual news and reviews for this week

2019-05-16 13:53

Episode 81 - Harmony Gold will sue you

This week we talk all about Harmony Gold going all thermonuclear on Hasbro for a SDCC 2013 release, Saint Cloth Myth Pegasus Kouga, EX Gokin Gatchaman repaints, the first Mazinkaiser toy by Bandai, Dragon Ranger and more of Josh's bootleg sickness with the 1 in 5 Convertible Robot.

2019-05-16 13:53

Episode - 80 Hot, sweaty mess

This week we are joined by Phil Reed of fame live from SDCC 2013! We do the usual news and reviews then dive into a SDCC themed Blind Boxed segment.

2019-05-16 13:53

Episode 79 - Giant robot tea bagging

This week we are joined by Jim Preziosi, Eric Treadway, and H. Eric “Cornboy” Mayse of Four Horsemen Studios to discuss their new Gothitropolis Raven Action Figure Kickstarter, Outer Space Men, Power Lords and much more!

2019-05-16 13:52

Episode 78 - Straight out of Mexico

6/27/2013 This we we talk a lot of Bandai news, a Shogun Warriors Utility Belt, Iron Man Mk VI & War Machine, Mach Baron & Raiking and Balking as well as your feedback.

2019-05-16 13:51

Episode 77 - Party in the house

We nostalgia hard over the Fisher-Price Adventure People, Mysterious Cities of Gold, the Alien toys that never were but are about to be, weigh in on the new, live-action Gatchman trailer and Adam has a SPOILER-filled discussion about the film Man of Steel with Brian Brushwood, Arris Quinones & Bill Meeks.

2019-05-16 13:51

Episode 76 - If Sting piloted a Super Robot

Recorded 6/14/2013 This week we talk SD style Optimus Prime, Play Arts Kai Captain Harlock, a new SOC Space Battleship Yamato 2199, King of the Jungle, Aquarion EVOL, VF-19 Fire Valkyrie and Assault Kingdom RX-78.

2019-05-16 13:50

Episode 75 - Your Chinese Transforming Robot Overlords

6/6/2013 We talk some Vehicle Voltron news, exclusive Pink Rangers, some new Danguard Ace pics, the frustration of Danboard, another Golgo 13, Gorilla Robo Magic and Assualt Saver.

2019-05-16 13:50

Episode 74 - It sure is Sentai

We are joined by one of our Indiegogo Contributors, Julian S. this week. We talk Variable Action Galvion, Hot Toys Robocop & ED-209, Iron Giant, Beast Hunters Optimus Prime, Swordfish Zord with Mega Ranger & Autobot Springer.

2019-05-16 14:11

Episode 72 - The Saint Seiya Army-Navy Store

We talk about Babylon 5 hitting 20, a CDX music contest, Cup of Noodle Curry Gundams, Athena's Cloth, a tiny Normandy, Blitzwing, Scarlet Rain and Jushen Yong Ji Wang. All that and of course your feedback.

2019-05-16 14:11

Episode 71 - More Muv Luv

This weeks show we talk S.H. Figuarts Kibaranger, Variable Action Sakura's Koubu, Thunderbirds Minis, a 3A Iron Man, Beast Hunters Lazerback, Electron +: The Man From Pluto, DX Jyudenryu 01: Zakutor, Shiranui Type-94 and Andrew joins us to talk Shiranui Type-94. Plus Josh rages about YouTube trolls.

2019-05-16 14:10

Episode 70 - Hardbone

5/3/2013 This week we talk Detonator Orgun, some Space Sheriffs Sharivan and Shaider, a new figure line by Medicom, SRC Shin Getter, Deluge, Dai Attacker, Psycho Bandit, Mantis Harry and Hardbone.

2019-05-16 14:10

Episode 68 - Collectors wallets cried out in terror

Josh R. sits in with Adam to talk the latest news and reviews for the week as posted to our site.

2019-05-16 14:09

Episode 67 - Glorious mess

4/11/2013 - Josh & Adam reconvene for their weekly discussion of the news and reviews as posted to our site.

2019-05-16 14:09

Episode 66 - You'll pay the iron price

This week we try to class up the show as we are joined by Tom Merritt to talk the latest news and reviews as posted to the site this week. Josh tells Uranos jokes and we take a fond look at the T.V. Tom may have watched Force Five on when he was a kid.

2019-05-16 14:09

Episode 65 - Beast Hunters

For the week of March 28th 2013 we talk die-cast metal Hot Toys, Power Ranger Overdrive, Daft Punk, King Gridman, Ankoku Daishogun, Beast Hunter Smokescreen, Gundam Epyon, Silver Crow & Lion Mechazord.

2019-05-16 14:08

Episode 64 - 8-bit Josh

3/21/2013 Josh and Adam talk the latest news and reviews for the week. Josh does his best 8-bit impression and of course, your feedback.

2019-05-16 14:08

Episode 63 - Nonstalgia

May 14th 2013 - Josh and Adam play catch-up on the news and reviews from the past few weeks and of course your feedback.

2019-05-16 14:08

Episode 62 - The twelve hundred dollar show

2/21/2013 - Josh and Adam talk Gatchaspartan, Lady (from Space Pirate Cobra) , EX Alloy Robocon, Cam's FullGear Bellerophon update, ThreeA Toys Metal Gear REX, X-01 Code, RAH NEO Evangelion-01 Test Type and Bandai's 12PM Chogokin C-3PO.

2019-05-16 14:07

Episode 61 - The NYTF 2013 Special

Josh and Adam condense 4 days of Toy Fair into an hour and half and talk about what was hot and not this year. Pay attention there are more than a few surprises in store...

2019-05-16 14:07

Episode 60 - Snowpocalypse II - The Sequel

2/7/2013 - Josh and Adam talk the latest news and reviews as Josh gets ready to head out into Snowpocalypse II - The Sequel to take pics and vids at Toy Fair 2013.

2019-05-16 14:07

Episode 59 SIDE B - Ben's Magic Box

In this bonus episode of the show Adam sits down with our very own Ben Mininberg to talk about how he joined CDX, got into customizing, and how a tiny little 3D printer has changed everything as he prepares to launch his own toy line.

2019-05-16 14:06

Episode 59 - Deja vu

2/1/2013 - Josh and Adam talk diecast Hot Toys, Revoltech Tumbler, SRC Brave Police J-Decker, the Star Wars The Black Series, the English language Captain Harlock movie trailer, the latest images of the Cam Fullgear Bellerophon, a battle damaged Jungle Predator, the F-14D Tomcat and the Gosei Great Megazord.

2019-05-16 14:06

Episode 58 - Lensflares and lightsabers

1/26/2013 - Josh and Adam talk News and reviews for this week then get into a lengthy discussion about Robotech casting 12 hours before the news of a Director for the live-action film is announced.

2019-05-16 14:13

Episode 57 - So close to building the Deathstar

This week it's updates on the upcoming Armarauders - Cam Full Gear Bellerophon, a new teased Ex Gokin Getter Ryger & Getter Poseidon, the Hot Toys 2013 "preview," a Tamashii Nations Robot Spirits inspired battle game, Kamen Rider Decade, Little Godzilla and the VF-171EX Nightmare Plus EX Armor parts and the Toy-of-the-year results.

2019-05-16 14:12

Episode 56 - Too intense for your computer

1/10/2013 - In news we talk Space Pirate Cobra, Variable Action Rahxephon, Super Robot Chogokin HyoRyu & EnRyu and D-Arts Charizard. For reviews we talk Saint Cloth Myth EX Mermaid Thetis, a Arii/Imai 1982-83 Macross 1/100 Destroid - Spartan build and then talk Toy of the year voting, the likely hood of a good Robotech/Macross live action film, make a pitch to Hollywood to hire us as robot expert consultants and your feedback.

2019-05-16 14:12

Episode 55 - All Macross'd out

January 3, 2013 - Josh and Adam are back after the holidays to talk the latest news and reviews.

2019-05-16 13:50

Episode 54 - Rocket Punch!

For the week of 12/14/2012 we talk about the newly announced Jyuuden Sentai Kyoryuger, look at the video promo for Cho Gattai Robo Mickey and Friends, geek out over the Pacific Rim trailer, the disapointment that is the Godphoenix G-5 Repaint Ver. as well as discuss the reviews for Power Digger, Hench (Not Brawl), Might Gain and some Shōwa period fun with GeGeGe no Kitaro.

2019-05-16 13:50

Episode 53 - It's like staring into the sun

12/6/2012 - We unveil our Indiegogo Campaign to push the show into the live and interactive arena and of course this weeks news and reviews.

2019-05-16 13:49

Episode 52 - The one Adam gave up his weekend for

Josh and Adam are joined by our very own Nekrodave (Dave Keymont) as they talk the DX Jet Scrander, BossPaulder, a Raideen toy Josh doesn't have, the Masterpiece Lambor, a die-cast metal Batman figure and a couple of cool toys for kids for the holidays.

2019-05-16 13:49

Episode 51 - Make room in your Mom's basement

For the week ending 11/15/2013 Josh and Adam talk the latest news and reviews as posted to CollectionDX.

2019-05-16 13:49

Episode 50 - Cautiously Optimistic

Josh & Adam talk all the news out of Tamashii Nations 2012 and for reviews the guys highlight Red hawk, Generations Warpath, Fresh Dinobot & Shin-0 + Den-O. We pick a winner for our t-shirt giveaway and of course your feedback.

2019-05-16 13:47

Episode 49 - I may be a closet She-Ra fan

Adam and Josh are joined by "Pixel Dan" Eardley this week as they talk the latest news and reviews of the week.

2019-05-16 13:47

Episode 48 - New York Comic Con 2012

Josh and Charles talk about their 2012 New York Comic Con adventure.

2019-05-16 13:48

Episode 47 - Smug & elite!

10/4/2012 - The guys play catch-up after taking last week off and talk Gin Gin, a Fortress Maximus reissue, more Macross 7 toy goodness, the ultimate Tron collectible and the return of NekroDave!

2019-05-16 13:48

Episode 46 - It's magic!

9/21/2012 - The guys talk news, Dkun stops buy to share a special CDX announcement, David Oaks gives us an exclusive first look at Vehicle Voltron, a build your won Zombie kit, Generations Thrust, Armor Plus SOL Tekkaman, Kamen Rider G3.

2019-05-16 13:48

Episode 45 - What's with all the eggs?

9/14/2012 - The guys talk the latest news and reviews from the site for the week, your questions and a Vehicle Voltron update!

2019-05-16 13:47

Interview: Ed Sandford of Robot Japan

Ed's selling is collection at Auction. Why has one of the most influential collectors in the game decided to sell? Watch our exclusive interview!

2019-05-15 12:46

Episode 44 - No time for Voltron

September 7, 2012 - The guys talk the latest news and reviews for this week. In Blind Boxed we are joined by Philip J. Reed of to talk toy collecting and his Kickstarter project for the upcoming book "Transforming Collections."

2019-05-16 13:47

Episode 43 - That's how you pass on the curse

This week we talk some new Transformers we actually like, a toy with real human remains in it, Fewture Models EX Gokin New Godphoenix and Josh finally finished reading Ready Player One!

2019-05-16 13:46

Episode 42 - This is not high art

August 16th 2012 - The guys play catch up on their favorite bits of news and reviews from the past few weeks and a Blind Boxed segment!

2019-05-16 13:46

Episode 41 - 2012 East Coast Summit

The guys present Chachipower's awesome coverage of the 2012 East Coast Summit. It's like you where there.

2019-05-16 13:46

Episode 39 - He's putting on a Batman costume

July 12th 2012 - We talk some Chogokin C-3PO, Incubot Gigantor USB Drive, Wild Tiger (movie Edition), Hot Toy 1966 Live-action TV Series Batmobile, a bunch of surprises from Super 7, L-Gaim Mark-II, Riobot Creation Evangelion-01 Test Type, Shockwave, Hachibakeru and Hexxer.

2019-05-16 13:45

Episode 38 - Take Two

July 7th, 2012 - We talk Deka Blue, Daiya Robo, some Dougram love, Sky Rider repro belt, Ultraman hangers, Flip & Attack Spiderman toys, Mazinger Z Black, a Japanese version of Skywarp, Powered Suit Studio Nue Design (Mobile Infantry), MS-06FZ Zaku II Kai and SFX No.13 Mogera.

2019-05-16 13:45

Episode 36 - We don't have room for the entire Internet

June 15, 2012 - We talk Several new Hot Toys releases, a new toyline from Bandai called Chousoku Henkei Gyrozetter Morphin Mini Car, a figma Legend of Zelda Link figure, another Masterpiece Beta Fighter from Toynami and the big reveal of the DX Soul Of Chogokin line.

2019-05-16 13:44

CollectionDX Episode 35 - I Stumped Josh

May 31, 2012 - We talk about Rahxephon, Virgo Shaka, VF-25G Messiah valkyrie, a SRC Daizyuijin, ES Gokin 08 Mugen Calibur, Scorpio Milo, SRC Solar Aquarion and Edge Bisar Dullahan.

2019-05-16 14:06

Episode 34 - Yeah, I Am Better At Searching Than You

May 25, 2012 - We talk about a bunch of Spider-mans, Tiger & Bunny's Double Chaser, a creepy eyeball, Exo-Squad, a Large Martin, the dog's chewtoy (aka a Vintage Bonaparte Tulcas) and revisting a classic review of Mazinger Z.

2019-05-16 14:05

CollectionDX Episode 33 - Adam Loses His Mind

May 17, 2012 - We talk SDCC 2012 Exclusive Godzilla, some SD styled Classic Super Robots, some Classic G.I.Joe goodness, more of Josh's Bootleg insanity and Adam looses his mind over the Yellow Lion. In Blind Box Josh shares his toy related adventures in California.

2019-05-16 14:05

CollectionDX Episode 32 - Hell Yeah They Did!

May 3, 2012 - We talk SOC delays, Robot Spirit releases, MORE Dynamite Action releases with Atoranger and Tetsujin 28, Evangelion Provisional Model Unit-05, Gundam GP-02A , Cliffjumper, Destructor and a Stormtrooper 2 pack. And in viewer feedback Josh gives us a Gunpla lesson.

2019-05-16 13:42
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