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NYTF2012: Toynami


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Holy crap.

That anime Bender is BRILLIANT! I needed one in my house two days ago!

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Posted by Dkun on 13 February, 2012 - 23:34
Is the

Is the Battle Pod 1:100 scale, or (hopefully) 1:60 scale?

Sad (but not surprising) news about Shoguns, but I hope they come up with something cool. Dave should be hired to design one!

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Posted by The Big R on 14 February, 2012 - 05:14
The Glaug is 1:100 like their

The Glaug is 1:100 like their Regults. Hopefully they won't be on a slow boat from China.

The person who sculpted the Zentradi stuff revealed on Macrossworld that he's no longer with Toynami.

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Posted by VF5SS on 14 February, 2012 - 10:47
These were revealed at

These were revealed at Macrosscon in 2010, I have the gallery up but I never wrote the review as my computer died right before the event.

Here is a photo of the Armored Battroid that was also prototyped:


I'm sure will send an email when it's ready for release as they did with the battlepod.

Daisuke is really a top sculptor and designer I swear every toy maker should be using him for their product designs.


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Posted by Showapop on 14 February, 2012 - 10:58
I can picture a certain

I can picture a certain clique painting that marauding Glaug and putting dragon logos all over it :3

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Posted by VF5SS on 14 February, 2012 - 12:54
I'll probably grab two

I'll probably grab two Officer's pods for some Macrossey action, but they'll be too small to go with the large-scale Battletech stuff. I think a 1/60 Glaug would be too big for CBT, but the 1/72 might actually fit alright next to the Armorcast kits and their ilk,.

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Posted by Prometheum5 on 15 February, 2012 - 10:29
Shogun Warriors

What a silly use of the Shogun Warriors license. That's just so weak. I hope they all end up buried in a landfill when no one buys them. I'm just a little bitter.

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Posted by Novacaine31 on 14 February, 2012 - 09:54
Robotech Shogun????????

So you go ahead and make a shogun jumbo bender because you already have the license. All right. I get it. Synergy and all that.

It didn't occur to anyone to make jumbo valkyries and mecha? Those are the machinders EVERYONE wishes they made back in the day.

If Toei was being dicky, I'm sure Takara isn't being too picky with their DOUGRAM license. How about that?

I would KILL for a Valkyrie (veritech) or any DOUGRAM JUMBO.

But the robotech thing just mystifies me. Maybe Toynami's license is limited to size.... oh- wait a minute, they released 5 foot tall valkyries like seven years ago. They couldn't scale those down to 2 feet tall?

I'm just a LOT bitter.

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Posted by christ on 14 February, 2012 - 23:11

loved the futurama series..They should make the rest of the wacky robots and monsters on the show or even the rest of the crew I would buy a 2 feet tall Fry. and the crew.....This bender is a must have..just wished he came with his own beer...Burp!! ...because he surely will be drinking all of mine ^_^

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Posted by ThePlasticRobot on 25 February, 2012 - 01:27