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NYTF08: Bandai - Power Rangers


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Ya know- that Lord Zedd

Ya know- that Lord Zedd figure actually appeals to me... He was such a bad-ass in the show (he remains one of my favorite baddies from that time) until he married Rita (under a love potion). I remember turning my nose up at the original 5"-er when it came out over a decade ago cause the proportions and poseability were weird. but this one actually looks respectable enough to sit aside my Deluxe Serpentera. Might grab that "PRZeo" Gold Ranger too, since I missed getting him altogether.

For the record, there were only ever five Rangers in "GekiRanger"- Geki Red (tiger), Geki Blue (leopard), Geki Yellow (cheetah), Geki Violet (wolf), and Geki Chopper (white rhinoceros), and while they received the now-standard mid-series upgrade, they never changed the animal themes or colors of their suits. So I have no idea whatsoever where these new Bat, Elephant, and Shark Rangers are coming from; other than the fact that the Geki Elephant, Geki Bat, and Geki Shark were accessory armor upgrades for the combo mecha. BA must be trying to get creative and make their own Rangers [again] where none existed before. Unless these are just more toys-only figures they're trying to pimp out on us... again.

I will say, though, that I think BA has learned a lesson from last year's absolute debacle regarding the Driver Zords they did (or did not) release and change. These two new Deluxe Beast Master and Jungle King Megazords are brand new for PR. I will not say "they're a bad idea" just yet, though. I've already seen the Beast Master Megazord in stores- it's on the very-simplified side compared to other Megazords, but it seems to be a daring step for BA to create brand-new Megazords rather than remaking an old one. Be aware, though- the Jungle King (not released yet) is just a lighter-colored repaint of the Beast Master Megazord but with a new head.

(...Usual rants about too many of these toys not appearing in the show go here...)
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Posted by EVA_Unit_4A on 21 February, 2008 - 23:00
Japanese ?

So which if any of these toys are the same as (or close enough to) the ones released in Japan?

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Posted by mikecitrome on 22 February, 2008 - 21:40