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NYTF07: Toynami


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That Toynami Beta Fighter looks awesome!

Wow! That blue-&-white Beta Fighter looks awesome! How tall is it in robot mode? If that Alpha Fighter is $100 (I don't like that purple-on-black livery, BTW), dare I wonder what the Beta Fighter will cost...? If it's just over $100, I think I'd go for it. (I need something to rival my blocky $110 DX DaiVoayger, hee hee hee...)

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Posted by EVA_Unit_4A on 16 February, 2007 - 19:42
Beta Fighter price

When we passed along a message from a fellow collector that “He would buy two at $200”, George said that would most likely be around that price point.

As for size, it is almost twice as tall as an Alpha.

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Posted by Atom on 16 February, 2007 - 20:33
Masterpiece Cyclone

The Masterpiece Cyclone looks like a must-buy for me. I always wanted one when I was a kid but passed on it because the Matchbox version was non-transformable. About how tall is it in armor mode? Does anyone know?

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Posted by iron maniac on 17 February, 2007 - 22:13
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