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FAQ: Using the G2 Filter

This special bit of code, when inserted in between paragraphs, allows you to display images from the gallery in the middle of a review or other text area.

The basic code looks like this:


Where 55555 is the image number from the gallery. This will display a 150 px thumbnail of the image. You can change the dimensions of the image by adding a bit to the g2 code, like:

[g2:55555 size=640]

This makes an image where the widest side of that image is 640px wide (or tall). Keep in mind that the body of CollectionDX is about 500px, so dont use 640 for wide images, only tall images. Also worth noting is that you cannot make the image any bigger than the original. So if your image is only 300px tall, giving a size of 640 will still only make it 300px.

By default, images are left-aligned. If you want to center an image, you have to add some tags around the g2 tag:

<div align="center">[g2:55555]</div>

Lastly, if you want to add a caption under an image, you would do something like this:

<div align="center">[g2:55555]Your Caption Here </div>

Posted 21 April, 2006 - 13:12 by JoshB
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