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FAQ: Shooting Video for CDX reviews

Video reviews are becoming an essential part of toy reviewing, and each reviewer has their own unique style. This guide is to show you what WE use, if you are looking to produce videos like ours.

What kind of camera do you use?

Each reviewer uses a different camera. Josh and Adam shoot with a Canon HV30 Hi-Def camera. Other reviewers use the video capabilities in their still cameras. As long as you can capture audio and video for a few minutes you are all set. Of course, HD is better, and that's what we reccomend.

Like a still camera, a good video camera will allow you to adjust white balance, exposure and focus.Use the camera presets to accomidate for the type of lighting you are using. Use a tripod.

What about sound?

We recommend you use an external microphone to record your audio, regardless of what camera you are using. A simple lavalier clip on microphone will work great. This helps isolate external noise, such as camera noise.

What do you use to edit video?

For non-HD video, use the free Windows Movie Maker (if you have windows XP) or iMovie if you have a Mac. For HD video we use Sony Vegas. Video editing can be daunting at first, but look up tutorials on YouTube for the product you are using and it becomes really easy.

What format does my movie need to be in?

We prefer WMV format, and so does YouTube. Check this link for preferred video size and format.

Where do I host the video?

You can host your video wherever you want, but we recommend you allow us to have it on our CollectionDX YouTube channel. A select few have access to the channel, so email us to find out how to get it to us. For now people have been uploading their videos to file sharing sites such as Megaupload and then we download them and re-upload them for you.

Where can I get a CDX logo to use as a watermark

email Josh and he will send you one.

How long should my video be?

Try to keep it under 10 minutes, but of course there are always exceptions to the rule.

Can I use music in my videos? What about clips from a show?

We leave it up to the reviewer to ensure that no copyright laws are broken in our videos. There are plenty of royalty free music sources out there to get music from. Obviously copywritten music will get found and taken down by youtube, so keep it obscure.

Posted 14 December, 2009 - 11:50 by JoshB