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FAQ: How to post news on CDX

How to post news on CDX

Once logged in, My account > Create Content > News Item

Fill out the fields as follows

Title – self explanatory – the title should contain specifics about what the news is. The more specific the better. It is ok to be catchy and funny here, as long as it is obvious what the news item is about.

Menu Settings – ignore

Media – Does your news item contain any audio or video? If so, select one.

Category - What kind of item is this?

Manufacturer – Select all the Manufacturers involved in this news item. If the manufacturer is not listed, leave blank and we can go into the categories section later and fix it. You can select multiple items.

Articles – this defines the news type. Typically it is just NEWS, but say for example you are announcing a convention, you would select both NEWS and EVENTS. You can select multiple items.

News Summary – This is the teaser for the news item, you can tell a little more information here, or just be witty. Basic HTML in here is OK, but no images please.


  • Below the text field choose input format, then WYSIWYG

This is the main news section. All relevant information should be in here. Consider adding the title, release date, size, and other relevant information (such as why this is cool, limited edition, or other notable info). The more interesting the better. Feel free to have an opinion, and mock releases you think are silly. PLEASE SPELLCHECK. News sources can be found at the bottom of this page. To add images, see File Attachments Below

News Gallery Album Link – if you have added images to the CDX gallery, add the URL of the gallery here

On The Web – Did this news item come from another site? Put the URL in here.

File Attachments – Upload the images for your news here. Once you have uploaded the images, you can copy the URL below, then click where you want the image in the content text area, click the image icon in the menu bar, then paste the URL in the source field.

Teaser Image - If you uploaded an image in the CDX gallery ( enter the image ID here. Otherwise, use the Teaser Image Upload below

Teaser Image Upload - upload an image to show beside the teaser. Automatically resized.

Comment Settings – ignore

Authoring information – your username should be pre-populated along with the date and time. You may change either, but you shouldn’t need to.

Publishing Options – This is set to publish by default. If you want to check it before going live, or save it for later, uncheck “published”. Do not promote to front page or sticky any news.


Try to keep news relevant to the readers of CDX. You read the site, you should know what it is about by now. The main thing you want to avoid is just pointing towards another sites news all the time. There is a ton of Transformers news and Star Wars news every day, but not all of it interesting. The dedicated TF and SW sites cover everything, we only want the major news due to the variety of news we cover. We already include most major toy sites news in our Newsfeeds page, so try to avoid too much duplication.

So how do you get news? Well, there are a few venues for getting news, but obviously the biggest source for news about Japanese toys is Japan and HK.

Pay attention to the context of the news item. Sometimes it is just announcing that a toy has gone on sale, rather than when it has been announced. Check older CDX news to see if it has already been covered. If you are not sure, DON’T POST IT. Try to post within a genre that you are familiar with.

Posted 25 September, 2008 - 12:50 by JoshB
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