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Episode 59 - Deja vu


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Man I wish they were making

Man I wish they were making this all just for me. Then I'd be able get more of the stuff cheap! Sadly the sponsors seem tepid about making more stuff. Volks ended their line around 2011 and that's where Revoltech took over. So far they seem to be hesitating on making more as I'm not sure if they were decent sellers. Since they're co-produced with the retailer Hobby Stock, there is a teaser page showing some Revoltechs on the way but it's the same four they've been promising for half a year.

To answer Adam's question the Volks F-14 has just a little metal in the form of pins the hip armor is attached to. They're more like Revoltechs but with much higher sculpting quality.

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Posted by VF5SS on 2 February, 2013 - 19:51
I had to throw all my boxes

I had to throw all my boxes away since my room was flooded but honestly, it's a relief since now I have more room.

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Posted by VZMK2 on 3 February, 2013 - 09:01
I always keep my boxes on

I always keep my boxes on imported things. Well, mainly just expensive things. I think a Revoltech would be my baseline for box-keeping. Packaging for anything less than that is getting tossed.

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Posted by Jmann on 3 February, 2013 - 23:22
Whats wrong with Josh's mic....

....I wear headphones and I can hear it sounds like the voices on a tv show when they're underwater a bit.

I learned early on that you can't collect a whole toy line so I only collected the characters I really liked or looked really cool by design. And as time goes on there are parts of your collection that hold up and some that you aren't fond of, so you resell to raise some cash plus space for new stuff.

I recently sold my MP1 Prime & MP05 Megatron as a set for more than I originally paid for, and I sold them cause
if I ever decide to own future masterpiece tfs they're all sized by the current Masterpiece Prime.

I pretty much agree with Josh & Adam on the packaging ... basically if its a clam shell as majority of western figures come in they are tossed and the figure displayed or kept mint in package. Anything the comes in a box with an insert I will usually keep the packaging ... cause Japanese figures usually do & if its a U.S. release its pretty special. When was the last time a U.S. figure came in a box with insert (to my knowledge maybe Dino-Riders by Ljn from the early 90s).

And heres the thing nobody says you have to keep the empty collectable packaging in your room or your room closet. What I do is get a a few big boxes from a big box store on their stocking day, and when you take them home store them in there. And then put that box somewhere out of the way like a basement or condo basement storage cage -- till you need to resell something.

And for resellers, okay sure tons of revoltechs are made but I would still keep the box and inserts. Why, cause say you have a combination of revoltech figures that someone else also likes or your buyer is a few states over vs overseas ... is that person going to get in a bidding war over a bunch of practically new in box figures or a whole bunch in a zip lock bag. Presentation is everything, and if they think you're anal enough to keep the packaging that the figure should most definitely be in good shape.

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Posted by blade-edge on 5 February, 2013 - 05:46
Any chance you can get a

Any chance you can get a update on the Vehical Voltron?

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Posted by Demonseed on 6 February, 2013 - 17:17
Captain Harlock

I thought I would share these images following your discussion of Harlock and Yamato during the episode. They are certainly from the same universe as you can see them all parked in Toshiro's hangar in my brog below (not sure what the fourth battleship is though, if someone could enlighten me).

I also recommend you search Youtube for a great fan-made Captain Harlock trailer in Spanish.

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Posted by Arbit on 14 February, 2013 - 20:01