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Episode 49 - I may be a closet She-Ra fan


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Just to clarify: RAcaseal is

Just to clarify:
RAcaseal is the name of the class: It refers to a Ranger that is a Cast (Android) and a female. The default character which is what the toy is, appears in the game as the character Elenor. That's why I go back and forth between the names like that.

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Posted by Dkun on 26 October, 2012 - 19:43
Rest in peace Dreamcast...

Rest in peace Dreamcast...

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Posted by VF5SS on 27 October, 2012 - 11:13
We hardly knew ye... you were

We hardly knew ye... you were taken from us at a premature age..

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Posted by SentaiSeiya on 27 October, 2012 - 11:25
50th episode special? :D

Loved today's episode with Pixeldan. Might i suggest someone for a future episode? there's a guy called Charles who does some great reviews, his YouTube channel is called "OptimusPrimeSG". Though i think he doesn't live in the US so im not sure how you might go about video conferencing with him with the time difference issue.

Also, with the show's 50th episode coming up next week, could we perhaps be treated to a 2 hour special sit down with each of the the CDX staff where you discuss how they got into collecting and what their favorite toy is? or better yet lets see "some assembly required" make a comeback :D

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Posted by Mazinkaizer on 27 October, 2012 - 16:33
Great show. Very interesting

Great show. Very interesting chat with pixel dan.

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Posted by matthew-76 on 28 October, 2012 - 09:53
Excellent show this week!

Excellent show this week! One of my favorites so far. Great to see Pixel Dan on the show!

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Posted by supergonzo1980 on 28 October, 2012 - 17:43
Piling on...

Like many others, I just wanted to say I really enjoyed the episode.
I like the guest hosts but not at the expense of either Josh or Adam being M.I.A. (And hopefully you can work out the tech issues of talking over each other.)

Adam, I'm glad your Voltron saga has reached the end somewhat positively. I would think about picking it up if Matty ever decides to release a (cheaper?) box set.
Now that Mattel is most likely done with Voltron, I am a little sad the 2010-11(?) Voltron will never make it past those early prototypes. The license deserved better.
However, if that does truly mean an SOC GoLion might be on the horizon...Bring it on!

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Posted by Hellbot on 29 October, 2012 - 13:38
I'll second that. Bring on

I'll second that. Bring on SOC GoLion!

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Posted by supergonzo1980 on 31 October, 2012 - 19:18
Great show

Great show guys. I can't tell you enough how much I appreciate what you do. I look forward to watching you show every weekend.
I promise I will try to check out the site more. LOL.

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Posted by hechatonchires on 30 October, 2012 - 09:11

make sure you preorder before Nov 5th

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Posted by Ligerbomb72 on 2 November, 2012 - 14:21