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CollectionDX Episode Beta 0.3: I Love Gobots!


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Couple comments- -I know I

Couple comments-
-I know I post this every time Gobots come up,but I loved Gobots,much more than TFs. I really need to get some on eBay or whatever,especially Road Ranger. I want to start watching the anime too.
-I need to drastically cut back on toys due to having a baby on the way,but I'd kill for those DBZ Figuarts(?) figs
-All the Star Wars "tales of/from" books are AWESOME.
-That Voltron,mark my words,will be TERRIBLE. If you think otherwise,you're deluding yourself. The pilots will be 3 3/4? Mattel can't make a 3 3/4 figure,they're worse than US Power Rangers. Go to the clearance section of your local KMart and grab a DCU 3 3/4 figure,with it's weird hips,and giant meathook hands. Now imagine paying 15 dollars for that. Come the F on. Look we're all fans of the anime,and I'd love to see it remain successful,but I'm not paying 300 bucks for anything these guys churn out. My 30 dollar Skeletor has a softer,plainer looking sculpt than the 80's original,and his ankle articulation resembles Paul Lynde's wrist articulation.
-Why the hell would I want STRIPE without Stargirl?!?!

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Posted by kidnicky on 22 July, 2011 - 21:15