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CollectionDX Episode Beta 0.2: I Hate It When I Get Burning Sensations


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how do you get the going to have a CDX movie night???

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Posted by AJProDie-Cast on 16 July, 2011 - 10:55
I agree

Whoever dropped the ball on SPACE BATTLESHIP YAMATO coming out this spring/summer in the US lost themselves a lot of money. Ask any US man 35-45 years old and not only do they remember the show, they wonder where it's been all this time!

Shame on this not coming out on DVD at least in the US. Or bare minimum a city theatrical run. Every Leiji Matsumoto project screening in NYC since 2000 has been packed and had great turnout. Whoever skipped this one should lose their job, this was easy money, and anyone who follows Japanese movie news in the slightest knew this did really, really well over there, and english-language excitement was high...

I know of at least ten people including myself who would have all gone to every NYC screening, over and over again, as well as buy the DVD/BR. There are tons of fans of Starblazers/Yamato/Harlock - they just don't post about it on forums.

Call it STARBLAZERS and it would have done great here in the US. It seems like the attitude of "if it doesn't show cleavage, or have a useless story or script, we won't put it out in the US" doesn't just extend to Leiji Matsumoto cartoons, it extends to the movies too.

Oh well, now they get zero dollars and zero cents as myself and thousands of others download it. :( Why is it that the US can't seem to get any decent shows officially released over here? Why do people continually buy this vapid, sexist, sludge when there's stuff like this that just doesn't get any attention or love?

I hope whoever's working on the SPACE COBRA movie doesn't make the same stupid mistake... translate to english and release, before fandom takes all of your Region 1 DVD money from you.

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Posted by The Big R on 16 July, 2011 - 15:33
Haha Josh. Naw it's cool you

Haha Josh.

Naw it's cool you got my name right, which is more than I can say for most of my college professors.

Great vid, and I'm glad I get to contribute to the site.

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Posted by ArshadAA on 23 July, 2011 - 15:56