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CollectionDX Episode 26 - Do Not Eat!


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Well, Gridman was created by

Well, Gridman was created by Tsuburaya Productions, who produced Ultraman. So I think that's why they smacked him in the Ultra Act line. I watched Superhuman Samurai Syber Squad religiously as a child, so that is a must-buy for me.

Also, I am a college student who has his collection at school. Sometimes it feels nice to see people look at me funny when I pull out a Kamen Rider action figure during class and start Rider Kicking my homework.

Also also, I kind of side with Adam. I am a huge Sci-Fi fan. I love robots and junk like that. As of recently, I've discovered that I'm more of a live action tokusatsu kind of guy, but that doesn't hinder me from loving the crap out of HeartCatch Precure. I mean.... HeartRobot Fight... Man...

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Posted by Jmann on 23 March, 2012 - 23:29