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The Star Wars Show: Trevor Noah Interview, Star Wars At Shanghai Disneyland And More! - 26 August, 2016 - 13:50
Trevor Noah, host of The Daily Show, stops by to talk Star Wars and loving The Phantom Menace, we visit Shanghai Disneyland and check out their Star Wars stuff, preview this week's Star Wars comics, look at Empire magazine's Rogue One covers, and much more!
Categories: Star Wars

SHAFT's Zaregoto OVA Reveals Cast, Staff, Theme Songs

Anime News Network - 26 August, 2016 - 13:32
Yuuki Kaji, Aoi Yuki star; Sangatsu no Phantasia, Kalafina perform theme songs
Categories: Anime

YELL FOR THE BLUE SKY Info and High-Res Photos from Toho

SciFi Japan - 26 August, 2016 - 13:04
Ryoma Takeuchi and Tao Tsuchiya star in the manga adaptation YELL FOR THE BLUE SKY. Photo courtesy of Toho Co., Ltd. © 2016 "Yell For The Blue Sky" Film Partners © Kazune Kawahara / Shueisha
Source: Toho Co., Ltd. Official Site: (Japan) Toho has provided promotional materials for YELL FOR THE BLUE SKY (青空エール, Aozora Eeru), the new live-action adaptation of the manga of the same name. The movie was directed by Takahiro Miki (WE WERE THERE, HOT ROAD) and stars Tao Tsuchiya (ULTRAMAN ZERO: THE REVENGE OF BELIAL, RUROUNI KENSHIN series), Ryoma Takeuchi (KAMEN RIDER DRIVE), Mirai Shida (ARRIETTY, THE WIND RISES), Fujiko Kojima (LESSON OF THE EVIL) and Yuki Yamada (GOKAIGER). Continued...
Categories: Otaku Culture

Working/Wagnaria's New TV Anime Reveals Additional Cast, October Premiere

Anime News Network - 26 August, 2016 - 12:46
Momo Asakura, Ari Ozawa, Hiro Shimono, Yoshimasa Hosoya, Kousuke Toriumi join cast
Categories: Anime

Futagashira Live-Action Drama's 2nd Season Previews Actress Nanao in 7 Costumes

Anime News Network - 26 August, 2016 - 12:00
Nanao plays Okon, wife of former Akame Gang boss, in show premiering on September 17
Categories: Anime

Bento Friday: Cute Bento Box Ideas

Rinkya Blog - 26 August, 2016 - 11:45

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Our Bento Friday is super cute this time. We have many cute bento box ideas from the hands of Bento Days. And we start with the Pokémon craze. What about making some Pokémon German cookies? Granted, these are difficult, but you can try to make cookies to accompany your bento boxes. Or, you can create one of these characters to create a rice bento box.

Let’s discover the rest of ideas!

kawaii bento box, kawaii bento box ideas, bento box, bento box ideas, bento, bentos, rinkya, japan

What about some Kitty sandwiches? These are easier to make. You only need a mould to cut the bread. If you love to try something simple, choose a mould shape that you love and start playing with food.

kawaii bento box, kawaii bento box ideas, bento box, bento box ideas, bento, bentos, rinkya, japan

Chicken salad sandwich rolls are also a great idea, and a simple one to start our journey into creating wonderful bento boxes.

kawaii bento box, kawaii bento box ideas, bento box, bento box ideas, bento, bentos, rinkya, japan

Or, you can try a spiced tomato soup with Snoopy croutons. Snoopy is a great character to create bentos with. He is simple and a great decoration to any type of dish.

kawaii bento box, kawaii bento box ideas, bento box, bento box ideas, bento, bentos, rinkya, japan

What about some cookie monster macarons filled with ice-cream? This is a wonderful treat to start decorating food. The key to have a great success is to be able to decorate food with simple designs at first.

What ideas are you going to put into practice?

Source: Bento Days
Images source: Bento Days

The post Bento Friday: Cute Bento Box Ideas appeared first on A Rinkya Blog.

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Working/Wagnaria's New TV Anime Streams Videos for Hana, Sayuri

Anime News Network - 26 August, 2016 - 11:40
Anime adaptation of web comic spinoff stars Haruka Tomatsu, Yōko Hikasa, more
Categories: Anime

Hikari Friday: Envy Joker!

Funko - 26 August, 2016 - 11:28

Time for another round of Hikari Friday!

This Joker is positively green with envy!

Coming soon from Funko!

Envy Joker Hikari Sofubi Figure

Envy Joker is limited to 250pcs worldwide.

Categories: Designer Toys

MP-31 Masterpiece Delta Magnus Diaclone Powered Convoy In Hand Photos

Tformers - 26 August, 2016 - 10:03
Blacklai has a new gallery on his blog showing off the just-released Masterpiece Delta Magnus! This figure represents the deco of Diaclone's Powered Convoy, seen briefly used in test animation in an early Transformers: The Movie trailer. Thanks to IDW assigning a specific identity to these colors, an easy opportunity was presented to turn another Diaclone alternate coloring in to a new Transformers character! We've mirrored a selection of photos showing off the highlights of the figure, which you can see below, and keep reading for a link to the original post.
Categories: Transformers

Pacific Media Expo Hosts Animators Masashi Kudo, Mamoru Yokota

Anime News Network - 26 August, 2016 - 10:00
California convention takes place November 11-13
Categories: Anime

Unite Warriors UW-EX Megatronia Images, Details, USA Pre-Orders Now Available

Tformers - 26 August, 2016 - 09:17
Megatronia is a combiner figure made up of five female Transformers. Megaempress is a voyager sized figure that transforms from robot to truck and wields a large axe. She makes up the main body of Megatronia. Flowspade and Trickdiamond are deluxe sized figures that are each armed with powerful hand weapons. They both transform into speedsters and become the legs of Megatronia. Making up the arms of Megatronia are two more deluxe sized figures, Lunaclub and Moonheart, each armed with large swords and both transform into helicopters.
Categories: Transformers

Premium Collectables Weekly Newsletter

Tformers - 26 August, 2016 - 09:11
New Listings - Transformers U/Warriors Megatronia (TT MALL Exclusive), Takara Tomy MP-34 Cheetor, Hasbro Transformers Platinum Edition boxset AUTOBOT HEROES, and SDCC HASBRO EXCLUSIVE SOUNDWAVE EVOLUTION
Categories: Transformers

Transformers Official App Reboots with New Look, New Missions, and 13+ Rating

Tformers - 26 August, 2016 - 09:04
The Transformers Offiical App for iOS iPhone / iPad and Andrioid have gotten a new makeover with new features! Fans can download the App now from iTunes and Play to see the new more than meets the Combiner Wars look as well as two new missions to "save Cybertron". Beware though, the app has a 13+ rating for all the youngters out there.
Categories: Transformers

Cygames Announces Project Awakening Game for 'High-End Consumers'

Anime News Network - 26 August, 2016 - 09:00
Company also reveals Lost Order smartphone game with staff members Yasumi Matsuno, Akihiko Yoshida
Categories: Anime

Medicom Toys’ ”ALL JAPAN ULTRAMAN PROJECT" Bling Releases

TOYSREVIL'S I LIKE TOYS - 26 August, 2016 - 08:52
Medicom Toy celebrates the 50th Anniversary of Ultraman with a series of TCJ REBOOT releases from the "ALL JAPAN ULTRAMAN PROJECT" - with prices ranging between US$3,000 to US$15K - currently on pre-order (Dateline September 30th), with a late-March 2017 ship out, and they are pretty, well, “SHINY”! The 290mm tall “Ultraman Tear Halo Swarovski” (above) is literally covered in Swarovski bling,
Categories: Designer Toys, Toy News

Musical Group ALTIMA Announces Hiatus

Anime News Network - 26 August, 2016 - 08:05
Vocalist MAON, former m.o.v.e rapper MOTSU, fripSide producer SAT aim to recharge
Categories: Anime

Prometheus Rising Heavy Industries featured by Afinia 3D

Prometheum5's collected works - 26 August, 2016 - 08:00


Afinia 3D has published a nice little eBook about people that use their Afinia 3D printers to make cool, creative stuff!  I talked to them about the action figures I make, and then also featured PRHI-friend David White, aka MechaZone!

You can check out the whole book here: Afinia 3D Prinder-Equipped Artists: Stories of Success.

Evangelion's Studio Turns 'Dragon Dentist' Short Into Its 1st TV Special

Anime News Network - 26 August, 2016 - 07:35
Animator Expo's 1st short inspires 2-part February special from Khara
Categories: Anime
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