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STORM COLLECTIBLES 2019年8月發售: 1/12 Action Figure《Gears of War》Augustus Cole US$65

taghobby - 19 hours 56 min ago
Storm Collectibles “Gears of War” Augustus Cole 1/12 Scale action Figure Based…


STORM COLLECTIBLES 2019年6月發售: 1/12 Action Figure《Gears of War》Marcus Fenix US$65

taghobby - 19 hours 57 min ago
Storm Collectibles “Gears of War” Marcus Fenix 1/12 Scale action Figure Based …


Five Awesome Things on Ebay this Week

Plaid Stallions - 19 hours 58 min ago

Scare Cycles FrankenCycle by Ideal- After Evel Knievel did his little trick with a baseball bat, Ideal toys was left with a very popular toy concept without a theme. Scare Cycles placed the classic monsters on choppers, it made no sense but who cared?

Speaking of weird nonsense on Bikes- Who didn't want a freewheeling Alan Alda on a motorcycle as a kid? I would have preferred Jack Klugman but this isn't terrible.

Buck Rogers Playset by HG Toys- I don't know what I love more here, the toy or that gorgeous Earl Norem art on the box.

FireBirds are Go! - One of the more blatant knock offs produced by Zee Toys, they weren't even trying to disguise that these were ripping off Gerry Anderson's Thunderbirds and I love them for that!

Sealed Remco Mini Monster Play Case- I always liked the notion of the Monsters being room mates, even as a kid. 

2019年2月23日 機動戰士高達 UC I-VII 電影馬拉松@the sky (奧海城)

taghobby - 19 hours 58 min ago


日本2020年上映: 電影 動畫 《サイダーのように言葉が湧き上がる》

taghobby - 15 February, 2019 - 18:00


AZONE 2019年6月發售: 1/12 Assault Lily Arms Collection 002 CHARM Kurujji 1,600Yen

taghobby - 15 February, 2019 - 17:00
『アサルトリリィ アーム&…


壽屋 2019年3月發售:ぴたぬい ポプちん/ピピ美ママ 各2,100Yen

taghobby - 15 February, 2019 - 17:00
ぴたぬい ポプちん/ピピ美…


EPOCH 2019年2月 200YEN扭蛋 樂器 10

taghobby - 15 February, 2019 - 17:00
キラメッキ楽器#10 メーカ&#1254…


Stormtroopers Vs. Rebels - Soldiers Of The Galactic Empire - 15 February, 2019 - 17:00
The Empire's elite stormtroopers are trained to fight rebel scum in any corner of the galaxy.
Categories: Star Wars

Star Wars: Episode IX Wraps Filming - 15 February, 2019 - 16:30
John Boyega confirms with social media post.
Categories: Star Wars


taghobby - 15 February, 2019 - 15:00


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