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Transformers: Bumblebee: Win If You Dare - Graphic Novel Announced

Tformers - 22 February, 2018 - 08:00
IDW Publishing is thrilled to announce that in 2018 Bumblebee from the TRANSFORMERS franchise will star in his very own original graphic novel! The perfect jumping on point for the next generation of TRANSFORMERS fans, Transformers: Bumblebee " Win If You Dare gives readers the opportunity to join in the fan-favorite characters adventures. Life can feel rough when you aren't the fastest or the tallest Autobot, but Bumblebee is up to the task!
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“Take Battles Into a New Dimension” with Coleco’s Starcom - 22 February, 2018 - 07:09
This full-page ad for Coleco’s Starcom toys comes from the back cover of an 8-page Starcom comic book that, unfortunately, is more gimmick than I’d like to see. The comic is a 3-D blue and red printing, but at least they kept the cover in color so that we can get a fantastic look at the toys.
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[New items added] BANPRESTO 2018年6月份景品訂單圖

taghobby - 22 February, 2018 - 06:36
Share Tweet Google Plus 2018年6月第2週 景品 龍珠Z MATCH MAKERS -超級撒亞人 孫悟空-   2018年6月第2週 景品 龍珠...

Banana Fish Anime Reveals Cast, More Staff, 1st Promo Video, Modern-Day Setting

Anime News Network - 22 February, 2018 - 06:17
2-cour series premieres in July on Noitamina programming block, to adapt entire manga
Categories: Anime

[不斷更新] FIGURE王 No.241: 內容報導

taghobby - 22 February, 2018 - 05:32
Share Tweet Google Plus MASTER PIECE Series TRANSFORMER 35週年紀念新作!?   魂商店 2018年7月派貨: 聖...

Ayumi Komura Starts Kare Cafe Manga About Cafe Run by Middle-Aged Men

Anime News Network - 22 February, 2018 - 05:00
Manga launches in The Margaret magazine on Saturday
Categories: Anime

BANDAI 2018年7月發售: 聖鬥士聖衣神話 鳳凰座一輝(初期青銅聖衣) 6,800Yen

taghobby - 22 February, 2018 - 04:59
Share Tweet Google Plus Related Post 魂商店 2018年2月23日起接受訂購,2018年7月派貨: 聖鬥士聖衣神話 白銀聖鬥士地獄犬座達狄 9,...

Tezuka Mix Magazine Lists More Japanese Manga Creators

Anime News Network - 22 February, 2018 - 04:30
Gengoroh Tagame, Enokids, Kubukurin, Kotobuki Shiriagari, more join magazine
Categories: Anime

Death end re;Quest Game's Special Behind-the-Scenes Video Teases 8 New Games by Compile Heart

Anime News Network - 22 February, 2018 - 04:00
Developer teases 5 new RPGs, 1 new app in addition to Eshigami no Kizuna
Categories: Anime

Log Horizon: Nyanta's Fortune Recipe Manga's 6th Volume Listed as Last

Anime News Network - 22 February, 2018 - 03:30
Series centers on Nyanta serving good food to players trapped in Elder Tale
Categories: Anime

ワンダーフェスティバル2018[冬]【フレア・メディコス/ディ・モールト ベネ】

Hobbysearch Blog JP - 22 February, 2018 - 03:26
ワンダーフェスティバル2018[冬]【フレア・メディコス/ディ・モールト ベネ】

2/18行われた『ワンダーフェスティバル2018 冬』より、色んなメーカーさんのブースを紹介していきます


-ワンフェス2018冬 関連リンク-


コトブキヤ (フィギュア)

コトブキヤ (プラモ)



フレア・メディコス/ディ・モールト ベネ

ワンホビ Vol.1(Fate、艦これetc...)

ワンホビ Vol.2(ねんどろいど)

ワンホビ Vol.3(figma(フィグマ))

ワンホビ Vol.4(フィギュア(前編))

ワンホビ Vol.4(フィギュア(後編))

ワンホビ Vol.5(オランジュ・ルージュ)

ワンホビ Vol.6(メカ・その他)

海洋堂・ユニオンクリエイティブ・千値練・ケンエレファント Vol.1(アメコミ・フィギュア・特撮)

海洋堂・ユニオンクリエイティブ・千値練・ケンエレファント Vol.2(メカ・動物・その他)

[官方BLOG更新] GOODSMILE 2018年2月23日起接受預約: 1/7 Pre-Painted Figure《Re:從零開始的異世界生活》愛蜜莉雅

taghobby - 22 February, 2018 - 03:21
Share Tweet Google Plus 人気テレビアニメ『Re:ゼロから始める異世界生活』より、ハーフエルフのヒロイン「エミリア」が待望の1/7スケールフィギュア化。原作「...

Saint Seiya: Saintia Shō Anime's 3rd Visual Unveiled

Anime News Network - 22 February, 2018 - 03:15
The staff of the anime adaptation of Chimaki Kuori's Saint Seiya: Saintia Shō manga revealed the third key visual for the anime on Thursday. Toei Animation...
Categories: Anime


AmiAmi Blog Japanese - 22 February, 2018 - 03:10
「フレームアームズ 1/100 玄武 プラモデル」ほか予約受付中

Transformers Pretenders and Micromasters on Sale in 1989 - 22 February, 2018 - 03:00
December 14, 1989. Out of a Gibson’s Discount Centers from The Kerrville Times newspaper comes this block featuring Hasbro’s attempts to keep the Transformers alive at retail. Stranglehold, the Transformers Pretender toy shown in the ad, is from the second wave of Pretenders and it was this wave of toys that’s another checkbox on the “smaller action figures” list I’ve... Read more →
Categories: Designer Toys, Toy News

Free! Take Your Marks Anime Film's English-Subtitled Theatrical Trailer Posted

Anime News Network - 22 February, 2018 - 03:00
Funimation releases film in U.S. for 1-day screening on March 14
Categories: Anime


AmiAmi Blog Japanese - 22 February, 2018 - 02:48
「【あみあみ限定特典】ARTFX J 薄桜鬼 真改 斎藤一 1/8 完成品フィギュア」ほか予約受付中
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