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Asian Release of Masterpiece MP-18S Silverstreak To Include Limited Commemorative Coin

Tformers - 6 June, 2014 - 07:12
Thanks to the Transformers Asia official website by way of Autobase Aichi, we now know that the Asian (Excluding Japan) release of Masterpiece Bluestreak, AKA Streak, AKA Silverstreak, will include a special commemorative coin. Click the title to see the image!
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Girls & Panzer's Anzio Video Anime's Theatrical Promo Streamed

Anime News Network - 6 June, 2014 - 07:00
Maya Yoshioka, Saori Hayami, Yo Taichi star in video anime premiering in theaters July 5
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Glyos Transmission Blog - 6 June, 2014 - 06:40
These new skeletons are big, mean and a ton of fun to play around with. We'll be posting some more shots of this figure as the day goes on as well as address some scale questions that have been floating around. Old crackle bones up there is indeed substantial in size!

When you spend some time handling one of these "Titan" skeletons, it becomes clear that you're getting an excellent value for a figure this large and articulated.

The timeless iconography of a villainous skeleton is even more powerful in hand, with just the right amount of stylization mixed into the sculpting and design. This figure looks like the reanimated bones of a giant in comparison to a standard 3 3/4" figure, which adds a great twist to the play value. Bones of the Nephilim! Ha!

Those of you following the October Toys Skeleton Warriors Kickstarter may have had a look at another Kickstarter that is also currently underway, being presented by the fantastically talented Boss Fight Studio. Both the October Toys campaign and Boss Fight's campaign started on the same day (Monday) and actually share some similar thematic concepts, one being a basic Skeleton type warrior. The October Toys version, though scaled to play with standard 3 3/4" figures, is actually around 5" tall, representing a super charged and slightly mutated giant Skeleton Warrior. Boss Fight's proposed skeleton figure is designed to measure in at an actual 3 3/4", proportioned directly in size to a standard 3 3/4" human type body. Both figures conjure up memories of the classic Ray Harryhausen skeletons that many of us were crazy about when we were young (Creature Double Feature!). I love the idea of combining both companies skeletons into one undead mega army after the dust settles!

The fact that two fairly ambitious crowd funded action figure projects started on the same exact day is pretty wild, and I believe unprecedented in the history of Kickstarter. This really is a unique and exciting time to be an action figure collector and enthusiast.

As of this writing Boss Fight Studio has hit their goal and shows no signs of slowing down, so hopefully they will be able to unlock all of their planned stretch goals and get to their bone battalion!

The Skeleton Warriors project is 40% funded as I write this, so things are moving in the right direction! George, Ayleen, Marcus and I have some neat reveals on deck, and will continue to put all our collective effort into bringing Skeleton Warriors back to a life in plastic! Thank you to everyone who has contributed! It's fascinating to have a window seat for one of these things.

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Attack on Titan Tops Graphic Novels in U.S. Bookstores in May

Anime News Network - 6 June, 2014 - 06:00
6 Attack on Titan volumes, Godzilla: Awakening, Naruto, Monster Musume also rank
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Nana to Kaoru's Amazume Starts Ichikyū Kyūpeke Manga in July

Anime News Network - 6 June, 2014 - 05:35
Story of college student who draws erotic manga, "90's manga club" begins in Young Animal Arashi next month
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"3A LET'S GROW OLD TOGETHER!" @ PARCO (July 25-Aug 25, 2014)

TOYSREVIL'S I LIKE TOYS - 6 June, 2014 - 03:59
UPDATED: "The blister carded Square 2pack is a part of the special limited edition of Japanese "WWR Complete" published by PIE books! Actually, it is not a blister card but a blister slipcase! The standard version of the Japanese WWR book will be sold in bookstores in Japan." "3A LET'S GROW OLD TOGETHER!" is an art and toy show held at the Shibuya PARCO as well as Wonder Festival 2014 [SUMMER]
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"Permit me to introduce myself…" (#TBT #bloglife)

TOYSREVIL'S I LIKE TOYS - 6 June, 2014 - 03:49
I remember first starting out wanting to blog about toys and offer toy-news, some semi-odd 8 years ago; I 'cold'-emailed as many artists and toy-makers/producers as I could find then, introduced myself and my intentions, and asked to be put on their mailing-lists (if any). Sort of like "job interview requests" lol - but I had wanted news straight from "the source", so this was the only way I
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Custom-Feature: "Chubby ANTEQ" TEQ63 Android Mini Toy Custom from QUICCS

TOYSREVIL'S I LIKE TOYS - 6 June, 2014 - 03:02
"TEQ63 style Chubby "ANTEQ" is my one-of custom commission. The base toy I sculpted on is the Android Mini Toy. I went with the camo colorway to make the one-of more special! This wont be released in multiple numbers but interested collectors can order a custom via"You heard the man! Go bug QUICCS for a commish STAT by contacting him via Facebook / Twitter / Instagram /
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Live-Action Edge of Tomorrow Film Opens in Theaters on Friday

Anime News Network - 6 June, 2014 - 03:00
Adaptation of Hiroshi Sakurazaka's All You Need Is Kill novel stars Tom Cruise, Emily Blunt
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Review - Transformers 4 Age of Extinction Voyager Galvatron

Tformers - 6 June, 2014 - 02:57
Another movie, another classic character name reuse that has no connection with its origins. Or at least, not in the typical sense. I have my own speculation on the origins of this Galvatron which I'll keep to myself, but might actually make the name applicable beyond trying to catch people with another semi-recognizable name. I'll talk more on the process of naming movie characters when I get to Hound. Read the full review!
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Peek at "Color Test" Piece of Scott Tolleson's LYLE BEAN by Mighty Jaxx (for new "Co-Lab" line)

TOYSREVIL'S I LIKE TOYS - 6 June, 2014 - 02:31
Here's a peek at a "color test" for Scott Tolleson's "Lyle Bean" from Mighty Jaxx for their new CO-LAB line! Won't be too surprised to see more colorways in this series too, "excited" is more the word I have in my mind LOL … but would they be available "blind boxed", or opened window? Further details - including size - to be updated when I have them :) Posted below is a re-look at the first
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Animator Dorms Crowdfunding Campaign Meets Goal

Anime News Network - 6 June, 2014 - 02:00
Group reaches US$10,000 goal to relieve financial stress on low-income animation staff
Categories: Anime

One Piece: Unlimited World R's 2nd Gameplay Video Introduces Battles

Anime News Network - 6 June, 2014 - 01:31
Multi-platform version to ship in N. America on July 8
Categories: Anime

#StarBots "Angry Yoda" by Bot Top

TOYSREVIL'S I LIKE TOYS - 6 June, 2014 - 00:52
What happens when you blast StarWars' YODA with gamma-rays? You'll get a hulking ANGRY YODA! Featuring body from a Lego-Hulk and (unknown) head from the well-known Jedi Master, the equation for this resin cast indie-toy running thru my nerd-brain is; *Bootleggary x Mash-up = AWESOME! + Indie-Lowbrow-Art FTW!* The piece with a lightsabre looks like he's holding up a tooth-pick LOL Courtesy of "
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Saint Seiya CG Film's New Video Centers on Athena

Anime News Network - 6 June, 2014 - 00:50
Tiger & Bunny's Satou directs Legend of Sanctuary film opening on June 21
Categories: Anime

Anime Expo to Host Fate/Zero & Madoka Magica Writer Gen Urobuchi

Anime News Network - 6 June, 2014 - 00:30
Psycho-Pass & Gargantia writer makes 1st appearance at L.A. event in July
Categories: Anime

Sentai Filmworks Announces Full Majestic Prince Dub Cast

Anime News Network - 6 June, 2014 - 00:00
Houston Hayes, Corey Hartzog, Genevieve Simmons, Tyler Galindo, Monica Rial, more
Categories: Anime

Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX's E3 Trailer Reveals December Launch

Anime News Network - 5 June, 2014 - 23:30
Collection featuring Kingdom Hearts II, Birth By Sleep, Re:coded arrives December 2 in N. America
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