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Winter Holidays Present: Happy Holidays with Rinkya Calendar 2016!

Rinkya Blog - 21 December, 2015 - 08:11

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We have a Winter Holidays present for you! Happy Holidays with Rinkya Calendar 2016! Your Rinkya family wishes you all Happy Holidays!!! We hope that you’ll have a great time with family and friends. We want you to enjoy this small present from us, a cool Rinkya Calendar 2016 for you to enjoy during all year long! If you click on the image, you’ll be able to see a larger file. You can print your Rinkya Calendar 2016. You can print as many calendars as you want :)

Remember that you can keep on bidding on Rinkya all year long! From December 23rd to 30th shipping will slow down and service will wind down for the holidays until we hit December 31st to January 8th, when the shipping department will be closed for the holidays. This only affects shipping, but you can keep on bidding for your favorite items! As soon as our elves have got their rest, we’ll be shipping all your orders as usual.

Again: Happy Holidays!!! Enjoy bidding with us and getting your favorite items from Japan. Your Rinkya Family wishes you a great 2016! We hope you will visit us and enjoy the warmth of Japan and its magic during 2016 with us. Hugs and best wishes from the land of the rising Sun!

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Star Wars: The Force Awakens Breaks Box Office Records - 21 December, 2015 - 08:07
We're pretty sure Disney shareholders are starting to think this Star Wars purchase a few years back was a pretty good idea. In it's opening weekend Star Wars: The Force Awakens took in $238 million in North America, surpassing Jurrasic World's previous record of $208 million. Globally The Force Awakens made $517 million for the weekend, trailing behind Jurassic World's $525 million take. However, Jurassic World also benefited from opening in China the same weekend where as The Force Awakens has yet to hit screens in that country.
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Yo-kai Watch Tops Star Wars in Attendance, But Not at Japanese Box Office

Anime News Network - 21 December, 2015 - 07:35
Sold more tickets in Japan Saturday-Sunday, but earned less in 2- & 3-day tallies
Categories: Anime

One Piece Burning Blood Game's Playable Characters Previewed in Video

Anime News Network - 21 December, 2015 - 07:30
Fighting game ships in Japan for PS4/PS Vita on April 21, on PS4/PS Vita/Xbox One in the West in 2016
Categories: Anime

《奇譚俱樂部10周年紀念展》海洋堂 「海洋」 和 「大草原」 限定黃金版本!

Toy People News - 21 December, 2015 - 07:12
奇譚俱樂部KITAN CLUB於渋谷「PARCO MUSEUM パルコミュージアム」舉辦了「10周年紀念展覽」,在會場特別發行“10周年展的限定杯緣子”,與海洋堂公司合作受歡迎的「nature techni colour」系列,此次將十分受歡迎的的「海洋I」和「大草原/サバンナ」兩款動物系列以黄金版本呈現,展期於12 月11日開展至12 月27 日即將要結束,不知道有沒有玩具人在這期間前往日本旅遊時後,有去參觀這次奇譚俱樂部10周年的展覽嗎? 栩栩如生的「nature techni colour系列」相當受到喜歡轉蛋動物玩具人們的喜愛,這次將8種類海洋生物的「海洋I」和8種類生活在「大草原」上的動物都以特殊黃金配色來製作,兩款都含有一款是隱藏版本的動物,每款也都有專屬名稱木頭色塗裝的底座,雖然都只有轉蛋尺寸的大小,但是動物身上的皮膚和體態姿勢等等CP值都很高的,十分推薦給玩具人網站中喜愛動物的朋友們! 海洋堂 「海洋I」と「サバンナ」限定販売の黄金版 單轉約400元日幣,已於12月11日~27日渋谷「奇譚俱樂部10周年展」中販售。 >>>更多『海洋堂 玩具公司』系列的相關玩具商品和新聞報導!

Android Novellas Coming in 2016 - 21 December, 2015 - 07:04
Fantasy Flight Games’ Android game world is a wonderful blend of cyberpunk and film noir, and so far each of the novels the company has published (find at*) have been highly entertaining. There had been a significant chunk of time since the last book, though, so I was starting to worry that we had seen the end of the... Read more →
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Godzilla vs Biollante Completion Now On Sale

SciFi Japan - 21 December, 2015 - 06:40
Source: Hobby Japan
Cover art for the new book, Godzilla vs Biollante Completion. Image courtesy of Hobby Japan. TM & © TOHO CO., LTD.
Hobby Japan has released the Japanese language book Godzilla vs Biollante Completion (ゴジラvsビオランテ コンプリーション, Gojira Tai Biorante Konpuriishon), detailing the production of the fan favorite film GODZILLA VS BIOLLANTE (ゴジラ VS ビオランテ, Gojira Tai Biorante, 1989). For more information, please see the earlier report on SciFi Japan.
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P.A. Works Reveals Kuromukuro 15th Anniversary TV Anime Project

Anime News Network - 21 December, 2015 - 06:30
Darker than Black's Tensai Okamura helms 2016 series starring M.A.O, Yōhei Azakami
Categories: Anime

Berserk Gets New Anime Project Featuring Guts as 'Black Swordsman'

Anime News Network - 21 December, 2015 - 05:58
Also: Manga to go on hiatus until summer, with series being published irregularly
Categories: Anime

Gurren Lagann Launches 'Coming Soon' Website

Anime News Network - 21 December, 2015 - 05:30
The official Twitter account for the Gurren Lagann franchise posted a link on Monday to a website featuring the text "Coming Soon." The website's URL is...
Categories: Anime

“Build this Star Wars squadron.” - 21 December, 2015 - 05:08
I know that we can buy Star Wars model kits these days (find at*), but what we can’t find are great ads for Star Wars model kits. How do toymakers and model kit companies reach a new audience if they won’t place ads in comics like they did when I was a kid? Related articles Star Wars: Rebel Base... Read more →
Categories: Designer Toys, Toy News

Comet Lucifer Spinoff Flash Anime Short's 11th Episode Explains Ena, Zoneboyle's Past

Anime News Network - 21 December, 2015 - 04:45
12th episode of spinoff anime to be included in 6th BD volume on June 24
Categories: Anime

Kodoku no Gourmet Series Gets New Year's Special Episode

Anime News Network - 21 December, 2015 - 04:00
5th season finale aired on Friday
Categories: Anime

“Wanted: A $1,000,000 Game” - 21 December, 2015 - 03:59
Here’s one for everyone who has ever wanted to design their own game, a 1942 Popular Science magazine article that gives us a peek at the boardgame industry of the time. What’s fascinating about the article is that it comes close enough to Monopoly’s original release that the game was only nine years old when the article was published. What’s... Read more →
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Spotted Online – Imaginarium Art Soundwave Statue - 21 December, 2015 - 03:38
Now I have no clue when this is set for release, but the Soundwave statue shown at looks so amazing that I just have to get one. After all, the shelf of Soundwave toys and statues is now incomplete since this exact statue isn’t in my collection. At a quick glance I can see only one problem with the... Read more →
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Walt Disney’s 1957 Flowchart Sketch is Fabulous - 21 December, 2015 - 03:32
I ran across this sketch in an article at the Economist site, and the longer I stare at the flowchart the more impressed I am with Disney’s genius. George Lucas is often credited with the media licensing and IP-building that has happened since Star Wars hit theaters in 1977, but we must admit that Walt Disney’s vision of brand-building goes... Read more →
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Crunchyroll Teams with Comico to Release ReLife, momokuri, Nanbaka Manga

Anime News Network - 21 December, 2015 - 03:15
1st volumes of 3 manga available on December 21 worldwide
Categories: Anime

Dynamite Action GK!『真無敵鐵金剛 衝撃!Z編』無敵鐵金剛

Toy People News - 21 December, 2015 - 03:08
日EVOLUTION TOY玩具公司的Dynamite Action GK!系列使用「磁石關節」的技術,以金屬球體與磁鐵相連接而成的關節部位讓人偶的活動度更加提升,此次將以編號Limited No.2 推出『真無敵鐵金剛 衝撃!Z編』無敵鐵金剛 Limited No.2 『真マジンガー 衝撃!Z編』 マジンガーZ(名稱暫譯),這次將劇中超大的飛翼也完整呈現,整個展開寬約有38公分,看起來魄力十足的造型啊!喜愛永井豪老師「無敵鐵金剛」系列的玩具人可以參考一下。 真無敵鐵金剛 衝撃!Z編(真マジンガー 衝撃!Z編)動畫作品是以永井豪老師「無敵鐵金剛」(マジンガーZ)漫畫版本原作的基礎上、加入相關或其他作品一些設定而集大成的原創劇情動畫,並由執導「機械巨神-地球靜止之日」、「機動武鬥傳G 鋼彈」等多部巨大機器人動畫的今川泰宏來擔任這部作品的導演。 ダイナマイトアクションGK!Limited No.2 『真マジンガー 衝撃!Z編』 マジンガーZ 參考售價約17,280元日幣,尺寸高約有17公分,預計2016年4月推出。 >>>更多『Dynamite Action!』系列的相關玩具商品和新聞報導!

How Many Lines Did Stephen Platt Draw in this Prophet Spread? - 21 December, 2015 - 03:04
If you want single issues of Image’s Prophet comic book ( search*) from the nineties don’t expect to spend much money. I grabbed a copy of #7 for $0.25 a few days ago, and while flipping through the book I was again reminded of the hyperspastic levels of lines and blodges tossed into the Stephen Platt artwork. Take a peek... Read more →
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