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AmiAmi Blog Japanese - 4 hours 13 min ago
「ねんどろいど 覇穹 封神演義 太公望&四不象」ほか予約受付中

Nogizaka46 Idols' Sailor Moon Musical Casts Mai Shiraishi as Queen Serenity

Anime News Network - 4 hours 31 min ago
Musical runs in June, September with 2 alternating cast lineups
Categories: Anime

Piranha Prop Replica Model Resin Cast Kit from Tomenosuke

Plastic and Plush - 7 hours 37 min ago


Tomenosuke is bringing back the killer fish that was created by two of the greatest monster artists - Rob Bottin who worked on “The Thing” (1982) and Phil Tippett on the “Starship Troopers” (1997) - for the low-budget film “Piranha” (1978) when they were still unknown. The Piranha Prop Replica Model Resin Cast Kit is produced under the permission of Chako Vanleeuwen, a film producer of the New World Pictures "Piranha”, by Tomenosuke.

The 12-inch long resin fish will come unpainted (there are instructions on how to paint it movie-accurate). The first run will be limited to 30 pieces. It will be available at 11AM JST on Friday April 20th 2018 (10PM ET on April 19th) for 25,500JPY (about $240). More info available here.

Categories: Designer Toys

The Star Wars Show For April 18th - 8 hours 1 min ago
Solo Writers Lawrence and Jonathan Kasdan on Scripting Chewbacca's Lines, Plus New TV Spots!
Categories: Star Wars

MARY AND THE WITCH’S FLOWER Comes to Blu-ray and DVD on May 1st

SciFi Japan - 9 hours 7 min ago
Images courtesy of Universal Studios Home Entertainment. © 2017 "Mary and the Witch's Flower" Film Partners
Source: Source: Universal Studios Home Entertainment Official Site: (Japan), (US) On May 1st, the acclaimed anime film MARY AND THE WITCH'S FLOWER (メアリと魔女の花, Meari to Majo no Hana, 2017) comes to Blu-ray Combo Pack (Blu-ray + DVD + Digital) and DVD from GKIDS and Universal Studios Home Entertainment. Academy Award nominee Hiromasa Yonebayashi, director of WHEN MARNIE WAS THERE (思い出のマーニー, Omoide no Maanii, 2014) and THE SECRET WORLD OF ARRIETTY (借りぐらしのアリエッティ, Karigurashi no Arrietty, 2010) and key animator on SPIRITED AWAY (千と千尋の神隠し, Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi, 2001), presents a dazzling new adventure about a young girl who discovers a flower that grants her magical powers -- but only for one night. Continued...
Categories: Otaku Culture

Unique Toys Ragnaros Full Color Photo of Unofficial Masterpiece-Alike Bruticus

Tformers - 9 hours 11 min ago
Tonight via Alucardlee on Weibo, we've got a photo showing a fully assembled Ragnaros. If you're blanking on the name, that's understandable, as it is but one unlicensed MP-style Bruticus among many. This particular Not-Bruticus is the work of Unique Toys, bringing a little bit different style to the party with something taking a bit more from the cartoon look - a fact in evidence by the coloring of the chest piece including colors from Not-Blast Off, for instance. Keep reading to see the full size photo.
Categories: Transformers

Power of The Primes Volcanicus Upgrade Adds To Combiner And Individual Dinobots

Tformers - 9 hours 22 min ago
Finally on the Transform Dream Wave front, we have images of a prototype stage upgrade package for Volcanicus. The Power of The Primes Dinobot combiner is in line to get the usual array of new hands and feet, and torso additions to fill out the combined form's proportions. But also included with this set will be weapons for the individual robots, allowing every Dinobot to be armed with sword, gun, or more likely both. Even in the early state shown it seems like a pretty exciting option, and timely enough to compete with the likes of Perfect Effect or any others throwing their hats in the Fix-The-Dinobots game. Click through to see it now!
Categories: Transformers

Transform Dream Wave Shows Off Combiner Upgrade Parts For Computron And Superion

Tformers - 9 hours 30 min ago
Transform Dream Wave has new images up of samples for their upgrade sets for the Technobots and Aerialbots. Consisting of new combiner hands and feet, plus torso armor pieces, these sets follow a well worn path for this kind of upgrade, with each part having a dubious transformation to some kind of weapon or other bulky add-on for the individual robots. The parts shown are demonstrated using Unite Warriors releases. Colorwise they should be compatible with Combiner Wars, but Computron's chest armor may encounter difficulties due to the sculpt differences between Hasbro and TakaraTomy releases. You can find all the photos below.
Categories: Transformers

Titans Return Sixshot Upgrade Kit From Transform Dream Wave New Images

Tformers - 9 hours 38 min ago
Transform Dream Wave has updated their Weibo with images of upcoming products they're working on currently. Among them is what looks to be a retail-ready (or close to it) upgrade set for Leader class Sixshot. The kit includes a new head, swords, and poseable replacement hands so Sixshot can make all of the ninja hand gestures. Based on the photos it's not entirely clear how good they are at holding the swords, however. The parts are shown installed on an LG Sixshot, but will probably be adequately compatible with the coloring of Titans Return Sixshot as well. Click through to take a look!
Categories: Transformers

Marvel Comics For July 2018 - 9 hours 47 min ago
Marvel has sent out solicitations for their July 2018 titles, including 9 Star Wars comics and two collections!
Categories: Star Wars
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