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The '70s seen through Department Store Wish Book Catalogs. Classic toys, bad fashion and Spider-Man appearing at your local mall.Plaidstallions
Updated: 29 min 13 sec ago

Bionic Lady!

14 hours 29 min ago

Oh Sure, Steve gets a rocket car and a space suit but Jamie gets pretty clothes and lounge chairs?

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Double Knit Fancies!

19 August, 2018 - 23:00

FINALLY, I am free of the tyranny of single knit fancies!

1976 Child World Toy Flyer :Space:1999: Mego Superheroes

16 August, 2018 - 23:00

Man, do we have something wonderful this Friday, an original Child World Toy Flyer straight from November 1976.

If you're a fan of this site, this is going to be a real treat as it features all the hits, Mego Star Trek, Mattel Space:1999, Kenner Stretch Armstrong, Mego Cher, LJN SWAT, Hasbro Weebles, Ideal Evel Knievel, Remco Earthquake Tower, the list, she is ended.

Special props to Robert Bruce for being so unbelievably awesome and generous with this piece, I am humbled by his generosity.


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BIonic Action!

9 August, 2018 - 23:00

I received a very generous donation to the PS archive that I will reveal next Friday, until then, here is a Bionic taste.

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1984 Action Figure page from France

2 August, 2018 - 23:00

"Conan Le Barbare" Classy!


1 August, 2018 - 23:00

I don't know about you but anything used by an Astronaut has my dollar.

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Little People Love

31 July, 2018 - 23:00

I really should keep some Fisher Price little people on my desk (or at the very least some Pin Mates) I think starting the day with them would greatly improve my overall experience.

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The Conversation Pit

31 July, 2018 - 07:41

We've added a conversation pit to PlaidStallions HQ, so if you're in the area swing by, grab a cup of chicory and we can rap about current events.

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1941, Sure to be the biggest hit of the year.

29 July, 2018 - 23:00

For the record, 1941 wasn't the biggest hit of 1979 (it was 24th), that title went to "Kramer Vs Kramer" but had much more disappointing merchandise.
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I Love Action Figures in Karate Outfits

26 July, 2018 - 20:12
(Many thanks to my friend Eddie for this awesome image above) 

The Martial Arts explosion of the early 1970s was not lost on action figures, growing up in this time, it gave me a lifelong obsession with the culture.

 It also turned out to be a real positive influence in my life, so I've decided to start collecting all the various 70s action figures I can find in Karate Gis and compiled a list of ones that i have and would like to have after the jump:

I recently just bought this Adventure Team Karate outfit and it made me realize that i've always been buying this stuff in one form or another.  GI Joe was always the trendsetter, I love the art on this package.

The Hong Kong based BARTER produced a series of action figures that went through different names around the world, in the US it was called Mr. Action, in Italy it was "Don-Bill-Jac" and as you can see Bill has deadly hands.

Of course, Big Jim always had a Karate GI in his arsenal, for almost his entire run too. He even got a Kung Fu Studio (we call it a Dojo) to practice his deadly board breaking skills. 

Mego's Action Jackson is an old friend of mine and of course, he's got every belt. The sticker on this box was done in Canada due to overstock of outfits, they tried to sell it as outfits for the Superheroes, Monsters and Apes bless them.

Mego also made a series of lower cost outfits for AJ that included tennis, golf and you guessed it, more Karate.

The Adventurer was a lower cost rip off AJ that copied a lot of the same themes, Some of the time his outfits appear to be Mego overstock.

Action Jose the Kung Fu Man had many "dresses" (their words, not mine) and thanks to my buddy Kevin, here are a couple.

I want to point out that I have never seen the actual Action Jose doll, if you have one please, please, please send me a photo.

More Martial Arts dolls soon, I promise!

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Satin and Velvet

25 July, 2018 - 23:00

While popular as a duo, Velvet would eventually embark on a successful solo career.

A bedroom in a galaxy far, far away

24 July, 2018 - 23:00

I simply can't look at Star Wars bedspreads and not be happy, it's Pavlovian.

 Unless said bedspread has Ewoks on it, of course, then I fly into a murderous rage for days shouting "CLEANING WOMAN!" the whole time at the top of my lungs. I should probably speak to somebody about that.

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Be a Ventriloquist

23 July, 2018 - 23:00

I know it's kind of a cliche but these things still creep me out, I blame the trailer for "Magic" and the fact that most magic shops had weird "Haunted House" lighting.

Also, I see Lester all the time but how come nobody made a Chuck from "Soap"?

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Three Hombres

23 July, 2018 - 08:41

Meet Slick Rick, Mr. Steel and Sweet Jimmy. Three Vietnam vets who are going to clean Detroit city up the hard way!

Now playing at the Odeon, Marx and Regent theatres!

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Iconic Action Figure Brand Mego Reveals First Wave Characters

20 July, 2018 - 15:05
Iconic Action Figure Brand Mego Reveals First Wave Characters
The hit toy line rolls out on Target shelves this August

New York, New York – July 20, 2018 – Mego Corporation is revealing its first wave of Mego action figures, which will be available exclusively at Target this August. Marty Abrams and Joe Namath will be at San Diego Comic-Con to unveil the first wave of figures, and Comic-Con guests will have a unique opportunity to purchase a limited number of the new action figures before they launch at Target. All items will be signed by Marty Abrams and Joe Namath.

The first wave of characters includes:
●       Sulu, originally portrayed by George Takei, in the original Star Trek series is featured wearing his classic federation uniform. Sulu is known for bringing peace to the intergalactic universe as helmsman of the USS Enterprise. His new action figure comes equipped with a to-scale Phaser, as Sulu is always ready for more Star Trek action.

●       Kelly Garrett, one of the original members of Charlie’s Angels, is featured with a fashionable 70s-era show-stopping outfit. The figure is modeled after Jaclyn Smith, who originated the role. With a mane of feathered hair and rocking bell bottoms, she’s still Charlie’s right-hand woman.
●       Peg Bundy is America’s favorite mom. She will be featured wearing her iconic leopard unitard—the perfect complement to her ever-feisty attitude. Peg’s figurine mimics her character and also includes her classic must-have—a box of bonbons.
●       Action Jackson, is back in action! Jackson is a crime fighter, with an attitude as hard and flinty as his punches. Styled sporting his original blue jumpsuit.
●       Arthur “The Fonz” Fonzarelli (aka Fonzie) may wear a tough-guy black leather jacket, but underneath he was often the resident softie on Happy Days. This new action figure also comes with Fonzie’s trademark comb to keep his hair looking good. Forever cool, The Fonz is a must-have for your Mego collection!

●       Norm Peterson knows how to relax, and is featured wearing his classic after-work drinks outfit; an office-ready suit. He was Sam’s most devoted customer on Cheers and the new figure would not be complete without Norm’s ever-present accessory—a mug of beer, naturally.

●       Piper Halliwell, one of the most powerful witches of all time has now come become immortalized as a Mego figure. Piper initially possesses the power to freeze her surrounding environment. As the series progresses, she also receives the power to cause evil beings or objects to spontaneously explode using her hands. Piper has her spell book as her featured accessory and is dressed in a red top, jeans and high heels.
●       Dracula, portrayed by Bela Lugosi, is back to stalk us all! Transylvania’s most famous resident is known for feeding on the blood of humans to maintain his power and vampire-style good looks. In his tuxedo and cape, Drac’s always in style, especially when he’s looking to lure new prey.
●       Alice, the long-serving housekeeper from The Brady Bunch, wouldn’t look quite the same without her iconic uniform. More than a mere housekeeper, Alice was also a true friend to the Brady family and its brood of kids, and her figurine would not be complete without her classic tight curls, piece of cake and big, friendly smile.
●       Tootsie, the youngest character from Facts of Life, Tootie Ramsey was best known for her braces and penchant for rollerskates and gossiping. This iconic character sports her iconic school uniform and comes equipped with a notebook, to take down the good, the bad- you know, the facts of life.
●       Mr. Chekov, a classic character from the original Star Trek, is featured wearing his distinct federation uniform. Not only navigator of The USS Enterprise, Chekov also comes equipped with a Phaser and tricorder to help keep the iconic spaceship on course.
●       Jimi Hendrix, one of the most influential rock guitarists in history, is getting the Mego Icon treatment! His figure, in fact, sports the outfit made famous on the album cover of Woodstock, complete with the white, fringed boho jacket, red bandana and his classic afro. It’s time to get your collection rocking!
●       Classic Wonder Woman is wearing her iconic gold tiara and original power suit—and she is here to seriously kick some criminal butt!
●       General Zod: Superman’s greatest foe is back and wearing the costume made famous by Mego the first time around. He also comes with a side of Kryptonite—an important accessory for defeating Superman and, you know, taking over Earth.
●       Year One Batman, the crime-fighting superhero will be featured wearing his batsuit and his iconic Batarang. Watch out villains of Gotham City!
●       Harley Quinn, the Joker’s ever-devoted partner in crime and sidekick, is wearing her original outfit with her mallet poised to take over the town.
●        I Dream of Jeannie, Jeannie and Tony will be featured together in this box set that includes Jeannie’s bottle. A genie who is rescued by her master Tony Nelson, Jeannie will be wearing her classic wish-granting pink Arabian outfit, while Tony wears his classic military uniform.
●       Mirror Universe Star Trek, The bridge crew from one of the most significant sci-fi series of all time aim to keep the peace in the universe, and this box set will include Captain Kirk and his first officer, Spock. They will be wearing their Star Trek Mirror Universe outfits—and you certainly can’t have one without the other!

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About Mego Corporation
Mego Corporation was founded in 1954 and became the first company to make action figures based on TV shows and comics superheroes. Led by Marty Abrams, Chairman of the Original Mego Corporation and the godfather of the modern-day action figure, the company continues to successfully build on its history as an innovative leader in licensed Action Figure Toys and Toy Products for the United States and International Markets. Mego Corporation has established its headquarter in Great Neck, NY, with manufacturing facilities in China and Mexico.

Media contact: ChizComm Ltd. | on behalf of Mego Corporation.
Max Rakov | +1 (647) 921 47 64 |

Planet of the Apes Galloping Action Doctor Zaius

19 July, 2018 - 23:00

I did something irresponsible the other day (and I was sober!) and bought this remote control Dr. Zaius from AHI. I'd always wanted one and hoped to make a video of him riding. I got one foot and he stopped moving!

Anyway, I couldn't stop staring at how wonderful a toy it was so I thought I'd share it until i figure out how to get him moving again.

I don't think I'll spring for the Galen in this set but I'm tempted, I love that they both have rifles.

It's actually quite nice for what would be considered a dime store toy.

Even the horse loose good!

The Ape hieroglyphics sticker really seals the deal for me.

Whoa Girl!

The thing I might love most about this is the big yellow sun from the TV series opening, it's the little things.

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Mego Thursday

19 July, 2018 - 07:20

I spent last evening loading up all the images for Mego's grand launch back to Target stores (You can see it all at the MegoMuseum), even got a call from Mego's president last night. So I'm suer nostalgic, grateful and entirely validated right now, also tired. Anyway, Mego is what brought me on this grand adventure, so I declare today Mego Thursday!

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TV stars 1978

17 July, 2018 - 23:00

Wow, throw in a Mr Kotter doll and you've got a great episode of "Battle of the Network Stars"

Latch Hooking, everybody's doing it!

17 July, 2018 - 06:24

Inspired by Superman the movie and "rug hooking fever" (common in 1979) I did attempt to do a rug of Superman's shield when I was eight. Unfortunately, I had the patience of an eight-year-old boy.

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Men's Plaid Suspender Slacks

16 July, 2018 - 09:42

Men's Plaid Suspender Slacks because the revolution will be beltless, my friends.

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