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PRHI 3D Printed Lifesize Kenner Star Wars Weapons

18 January, 2017 - 21:05
prhi-bespin-01 prhi-imperial-01 prhi-smuggler-01 prhi-lightsaber-01

The nice thing about having a set of 3D model files drawn up for something is that the files can be scaled to any size you want, and printed out.  Some adjustments were needed, but once I had my models ready for my PRHI Kenner Star Wars Accessories, I was able to print the same designs out, but at lifesize!  Kenner’s Star Wars weapon sculpts are iconic amongst vintage toys, with a level of detail and charm informed by how those early toys came to be.  They are immediately recognizable as representative of what we saw in the films, but they are an interpretation with their own merits.  As such, it turns out that they make really satisfying lifesize toys, with chunky details and familiar shapes.  So far I’ve completed two of the first weapons made, the smuggler pistol and imperial blaster rifle, as well as the later-made lightsaber, and my personal favorite, the Bespin blaster.  I am working through more of the catalog and will post pics when they’re completed!  Now I just need to figure out how to display them.

prhi-smuggler-05 prhi-imperial-04 prhi-lightsaber-03 prhi-bespin-03

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PRHI Kenner Star Wars Accessories Available on Shapeways

14 January, 2017 - 19:57
prhi-smuggle-02 prhi-imperial-03 prhi-palace-05 prhi-endor-03 prhi-scout-04 prhi-tie-04 prhi-bespin-05 prhi-smuggle-03 prhi-scout-03 prhi-tie-03 prhi-palace-03 prhi-endor-05

There are a number of new items available now in the PRHI Shapeways Shop.  You can now complete your vintage Kenner Star Wars figures with some 3D printed weapons!  The PRHI Kenner replacement weapon series is available in multiple colors of polished Strong Flexible plastics and grey metallic plastic.  Each gun comes as a sprue of four, and each weapon is marked with a ‘R’ molded into the handles for easy identification.  The first series is available now, with more on the way.  Check after the fold for a link to each, or check out the PRHI Shapeways Shop for a whole selection of 3D printed toy accessories, now revamped with better organization and categories.


Bespin Blaster

Endor Blaster


Imperial Blaster


Palace Pistol


Scout Trooper Pistol


Smuggler Pistol


Pilot Pistol




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