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PRHI Space Blasters – Star Wars Black 6″ Shocktrooper Backpack and RT-97C Sandtrooper Rifle

6 February, 2016 - 15:13


Today I’ve got two new 3D printed Star Wars 6″ scale accessories available now in the PRHI Shapeways Shop.  First is a backpack for the Star Wars Battlefront Shocktrooper, and the second is the RT-97C Heavy Blaster Rifle wielded by Sandtroopers in the original film.  Both parts are available in Black Strong Flexible material and can be used as-is when you receive them.  I added the lightest bit of drybrushing and blocked in a few details for these photos to show off how sharp the prints came out.



Lots more pics after the fold!














PRHI Solid Arm 3D Printed Add-on Kit for 12″ GI Joe Figures – Available Now

30 December, 2015 - 14:46


The PRHI Solid Arm is a new 3D printed add-on kit for 12″ GI Joes using the vintage style body, including reissue bodies and Cotswold Elite Brigade bodies, and is available now through the PRHI Shapeways Shop.  Followers of my Instagram have seen the development process of this kit for a while now, so I am happy to have the final parts from Shapeways in-hand and be able to paint them up!  Read on for details on the kits and more pics of my finished, painted arms.

The PRHI Solid Arm kit parts can be found in the PRHI Shapeways Shop, and is broken down by parts that can be ordered in Left or Right versions.  A complete kit printed in Shapeways WSF with one hand will cost $20, and a colored version will cost $23.  Here’s direct links to each part, with instructions below:

Solid Arm – Arm Sprue (Left)

Solid Arm – Arm Sprue (Right)

Solid Arm – Wrist

Solid Arm – Gripping Hand (Left)

Solid Arm – Gripping Hand (Right)

Solid Arm – Open Hand (Left)

Solid Arm – Open Hand (Right)

Solid Arm Connector Peg




Here is a breakdown shot of one completed kit ready for installation. The kit consists of one Arm Sprue (L/R), a Wrist, and the hand (Gripping or Open, L/R) of your choice.  Only one Wrist is needed, but I recommend getting one for each hand you buy so as not to lose it.


Here’s the Solid Arm all assembled, using the below instructions:


Here’s how the Arm Sprue part comes from Shapeways, with a small sprue piece joining the upper and lower arms at the joint.


Remove the sprue piece with an X-acto blade or snips.

The arm then pegs together at the elbow joint.


Depending on what style of body you are installing the PRHI Solid Arm on, you may also need to order a PRHI Arm Connector Peg, available from the links above. The peg is sized to 6 mm to fit the Solid Arm, but may need a little sanding on the end going into the Joe bicep depending on the issue of body.  I made everything to fit out of the box on Cotswold Elite Brigade bodies, since they are the easiest to get.


The Solid Arm will peg on to the existing connector peg of most vintage-style Joe bodies.


Finished Solid Arm

Now, more pics of the painted, finished Solid Arms.  The Solid Arm can be ordered in white Shapeways material, or dyed in many colors.  I used an orange arm and a red arm as the basis for my two painted versions.  Before I applied any paint, I gave the assembled parts two coats of Rustoleum Triple Thick Glaze.  This areosol laquer is sort of like a thicker varnish.  It goes on clear and soaks in to the somewhat porous Shapeways material, preventing further applications of paint to run or bleed.  I then blocked in some details and weathered with acrylics.  After a blast of Dullcote, they were ready for action!




The hand on the red arm is actually printed in Shapeways Elasto Plastic, which is currently only available to makers, and cannot be offered for public sale.  It’s a laser-sintered material similar to the regular WSF material, but then is treated with some kind of elasticizer chemicals that make it soft and pliable.  It works perfect for a working ‘Kung Fu Grip’ version of the gripping hand!  Hopefully I will be able to offer this material for sale in the future.





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