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Updated: 1 hour 44 min ago

Sneak Peek at Spider-Man: Homecoming

3 hours 25 min ago
In advance of the debut of the trailer for SPIDERMAN: HOMECOMING (happening “tomorrow” night, December 8th U.S.-time, premiering on Jimmy Kimmel Live), the above sneak peek has been unleashed upon the wwworld! ”Happy wants you to look in the case.” tweeted Jon Favreau - who as “Happy Hogan” (in “Iron Man”) helps “Tony Stark” deliver a case to “Peter Parker” (played by Tom Holland - first/last
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One-Off JOBI THE MOON FOX Customs from Kaiser Luna x M'S PRODUCTION & CO.

12 hours 57 min ago
UPDATED: Kaiser has mentioned that these babies have since been Sold Out! Congratulations! :) JOBI THE MOON FOX from Kaiser Luna are currently available to purchase on - with these ONE-OFF hand-painted polystone pieces previously exclusive to Taipei Toy Festival! With only eight (8) figures to choose from, each with a SRP of HK$1,777 (US$229 / SG$326), the price includes free
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Custom-Feature: SACRIFICE by Bowo Baghaskara

13 hours 31 min ago
Bowo Baghaskara shares with us his latest custom - available to purchase at US$250 (Rp. 2,7Jt / price excludes shipping) for this one-of-a-kind piece, which you can order via emailing “”. The custom base is made from the 8-inch tall vinyl SHARKY, produced by ToyQube (...of which I am very familiar with this piece, as my custom has been deemed “missing” since 2008… LOL),
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SONIC THE HEDGEHOG Blind Box Minis & Keychains from Kidrobot

6 December, 2016 - 23:36
After the release of the “Sonic the Hedgehog Medium Figure” (*Purchase on Amazon for US$79.99), Kidrobot continues with their “Sonic the Hedgehog” licensed releases with the Blind Box Mini Series & Keychains - currently available from!"Sonic is his name and speed is his game! Sega and Kidrobot have teamed up to present an all-new Sonic The Hedgehog vinyl mini series and keychain
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Previews for #giftwrapped2016 @ Clutter Gallery Opening Dec 10th

6 December, 2016 - 23:36
Featured #onTOYSREVIL: Previews for #giftwrapped2016 @ Clutter Gallery Opening Dec 10th - featuring works from (top-left-right): @twistybitz / @iamwetworks / @peterkato … (middle-left-right): @eimitakano / @plushplay / @smallandround … (bottom-left-right): @cassjerman / @brentnolascoart / @quiccs … #toynewsA photo posted by TOYSREVIL (@toysrevil) on Dec 6, 2016 at 8:
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“FUNNY CAROUSEL” by Patient No6 Available To Order Now!

6 December, 2016 - 22:22
Patient No.6 introduce a new resin figure, with this ornate ”FUNNY CAROUSEL" set to outdo all his previous dick-nose creations! This hand-made and hand painted figure is sized 7.5 inches (20 cm) and is currently available for orders on for US$70 +free shipping! Heck, put some “snow” paint effects on the piece and you’d have a festive “Winter Wonder Carousel” - PERFECT for
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Brent Nolasco’s THE ELIMINATOR in One-Off and Mixed Match Editions

6 December, 2016 - 22:07
The second slice of toy-news of Brent Nolasco’s releases (first being Ziggy), features THE ELIMINATOR - available to purchase on in TWO Editions! "Dark Decendents' "The Eliminator" came back with a "One Off" release. The Eliminator is a 5 piece solid resin pull with cape. This piece is hand pained and spray with automotive paint for durability. The size of The
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ZIGGY - Shadow Edition by Brent Nolasco

6 December, 2016 - 22:02
"Ziggy makes his first trip back from Mars. After such a long time away from home, people said it was impossible to make the journey back alive. Well, Ziggy is back to prove them all wrong. Never underestimate the unexpected."Brent Nolasco has two toy-releases to be announced today, which I am splitting into two posts, with THIS slice of news dedicated to ZIGGY! With sculptural WIPs first
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Maneki Wananeko Christmas Tree Ornaments from Javier Jiménez

6 December, 2016 - 21:36
STICKUP MONSTERS PRESS: ”Celebrating the season, StickUp Monsters just released an exclusive set of two Maneki Wananeko tree ornaments. The set is US$45 containing two figures, one in red and white marble and the other in green and white. They are already available at and quantities are limited to 20 sets.” [ Individual images HERE on Facebook ]
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LAST DAYS OF AUTUMN - CHOP CHOP by Amanda Visell x coarse Drops Dec 9

6 December, 2016 - 21:25
Available Friday, December 9, 2016 on is LAST DAYS OF AUTUMN - CHOP CHOP - with concept by Amanda Visell, sculpted and produced by coarse. Limited to 150pcs and priced at HK$2980 (approx. US$384 / 357 Euro). Last seen on display at the coarse studio open house (in November), the item is in stock and ready to ship. Release times on Dec 9th are: 07:59 am Los Angeles 10:59 am New
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LEGO Ideas Yellow Submarine Building Kit

6 December, 2016 - 09:12
Available at all LEGO® Certified Stores in the week of 12 December, is the LEGO IDEAS YELLOW SUBMARINE 21306 Building Kit! You can purchase the item on Amazon for US$55.17 (*Purchasing from this link helps support this blog, thank you). The kit includes 4 minifigures: John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr, plus a Jeremy figure. As well it includes a booklet about the LEGO
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#RealHeroes 03 RIOT POLICE by Shenzo x Masterpiece Collectibles Available Now!

6 December, 2016 - 01:36
Since their “public appearance” at STGCC2016, the designs of Shenzo has since been turned collectible, and are available for sales both online and in-store (Exclusively at Toy Outpost @ Plaza Singapura - Locker #P08B). The figure(s) in question? “ANG CHIA DUI”!”’Ang Chia Dui’, literally translated as "Red Car Team" was a term in Hokkien coined to refer to the Riot Police officers who always
Categories: Designer Toys, Toy News

TOY SOUL 2016 (Dec 16-18, 2016)

6 December, 2016 - 00:45
TOY SOUL ( is an annual “toy expo” in Hong Kong which focuses on toys / collectibles and related products primarily from the Asia (such as China, Macau, Tai Wan, Japan, Korea and Thailand etc). Launched in 2014, this year’s event happens between December 16th thru to 18th, and like it’s previous years’, happens in the year end, and a somewhat fitting close to a year of toy-ness,
Categories: Designer Toys, Toy News

Alien M.U.S.C.L.E. Packs Assortment Revealed! Dropping Dec 9th from Super7

5 December, 2016 - 23:40
Super7 reveals the pack assortment for their upcoming Alien M.U.S.C.L.E. release on Friday, December 9th ( & in-stores), and I’ve added an image of the individual character pieces (previously featured HERE) here as well. Pack A: Alien, Ripley, Ash. Pack B: Alien Egg, Parker, Kane in Spacesuit. Pack C: Kane with Facehugger, Attack Alien, Brett. Pack D: Kane with
Categories: Designer Toys, Toy News

Transformers: The Last Knight - First Teaser Trailer Unleashed!

5 December, 2016 - 23:00
The first Teaser Trailer for Michael Bay’s TRANSFORMERS: THE LAST KNIGHT has been unleashed, and we get to see a dragon Transformer, LIPS on Bumblebee, characters from different Transformers movies together (Josh Duhamel + Mark Wahlberg!), Optimus Prime battling Bumblebee? All narrated by the ever ‘omnipresent’ Anthony Hopkins, and you’ve got something exciting to expect, for when the movie
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MUHAN DOJEON X STICKY MONSTER LAB (#InfiniteChallenge Collectible Toys?)

5 December, 2016 - 22:16
South Korea’s design house STICKY MONSTER LAB will be releasing their next series of SML collectible figures - sometime “this week” - with MUHAN DOJEON X STICKY MONSTER LAB to be made available via MCB Brand Store! 5 x figures to be had (unknown if available individually or as a set), and with a little bit of googling and a heavy-heap of self-speculation - I’ll hazard to say that the characters
Categories: Designer Toys, Toy News

Sanjay Patel’s GHEE HAPPY Print Set from 2006 Available Now on

5 December, 2016 - 21:39
EDITED Version: And while I am currently familiar with the name “Sanjay Patel” primarily because of his Sanjay's Super Team (2015) animation piece for Pixar (edited version featured above) … but did you know he had self-published his first book 10 years ago, and had created a series of PRINTS in tandem with it? Super7 had recently discovered a limited number of Sanjay's original Ghee Happy
Categories: Designer Toys, Toy News

Custom-Feature: Snowman Santa Dunny by SEN Customs

5 December, 2016 - 21:15
“Snowman Santa Dunny” is a one-off custom by SEN Customs, perfect for Christmas holiday! He is ready for a good home, and any folk(s) interested can message him directly on Instagram (click on image below), and Happy Ho-Ho-Holidays! Snowman santa dunny. One off custom for christmas holiday. He is ready for a good home. Anyone interested can message me directly #dunny #customtoy #kidrobot #
Categories: Designer Toys, Toy News

Custom-Feature: “Life & Death” by ink_visuals for Plastic&Heroes Custom Show (Dec 9)

5 December, 2016 - 21:08
A photo posted by Rob Ramirez (@ink_visuals) on Dec 5, 2016 at 9:21am PST From Ink Visuals come “life & death” - his latest custom pieces, made as part o a custom group show, and releasing Dec 9th on, priced at US$150 each."Meet "life and death" twins that watch through the shadows, one helps while the other waits which do you prefer? Both hand painted and laced with
Categories: Designer Toys, Toy News

MC KRUSTY GRIN Is the “Secret” Edition by Ron English x Made By Monsters for Dec 12th Release!

5 December, 2016 - 09:17
A photo posted by TOYSREVIL (@toysrevil) on Dec 5, 2016 at 6:11am PST Here’s a peek at the awesomeness to come for when Ron English's KRUSTY THE GRIN releases December 12th (10am HKT / GMT+8) at! The figure featured here today is one of the secret “MC Krusty Grin” from the 333-pieces limited run, with another variant edition previously featured HERE (with no doubt more editions
Categories: Designer Toys, Toy News
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