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“Princess Diana of Themyscira” Print by Alice X. Zhang Unleashes Sept 19th via Bottleneck Gallery

19 September, 2017 - 10:21
Princess Diana of Themyscira by Alice X. Zhang Fine art giclée 22 x 14 inches Hand-numbered edition of 100 US$50 Bottleneck Gallery will be unleashing this fantabulous image of “Princess Diana of Themyscira” by U.S.-based Alice X. Zhang on September 19th @ 12PM ET on "Officially licensed by Warner Bros. Consumer Products, Alice’s newest print features Gal Gadot’s
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#playingwith: BREADCAT Vinyl BoxCat by Rato Kim x Unbox Industries

19 September, 2017 - 09:53
Today we have a look at a “BREADCAT” vinyl collectible - designed by South Korean toy-artist Rato Kim, produced and made by Hong Kong’s Unbox Industries. Available at the recent weekend’s Singapore Toy, Games & Comic Con (Sept 9-10), this is a standard / regular version released not too long ago (along with Peach and Sakura BreadCats), while there is the event-exclusive Flowerbread Cat to be had
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T9G @ #STGCC2017

19 September, 2017 - 09:30
Japanese designer/Sculpture Artist known as “T9G” ( descended upon Singapore the second time for Singapore Toy, Games & Comic Con, this time hosted by HorNest (He was here in 2016, hosted by FLABSLAB) - where he offered up to fans on our sunny island “Clear Blue x GID Marble” Edition NEKOTARO and RANGEAS - with the talk of the Con (at least amongst fellow art toy collector folks)
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Emilio Subirá’s THE INK SUCKER Available Now!

19 September, 2017 - 06:55
Emilio Subirá shares with us his new character creation, named "THE INK SUCKER"! This "bite machine" edition is limited to only 6 units - signed, numbered and certificated - available to purchase online here for US$125. One of the more "productive" creators in independent toys these days, his creativity in morphing the “everyday” into collectibles that has “coming alive” - delights me so, and
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DEVIL Edition “A Clockwork Carrot Alex & Dim” from Blackbook Toy for Sept 23rd release

19 September, 2017 - 01:22
BlackBook Toy shares with us news of their new drop happening from midnight of Sep 23rd for ALEX and DIM. Introducing The DEVIL EDITIONS of Frank Kozik’s A Clockwork Carrot featuring ALEX the deviant rabbit and DIM the dangerous bear! Price for each 28.5cm tall sofubi figure is 13500yen owe (approx. US$121 / SG$163). “Devilman” might approve :)"Some highlights in PU on their skins and in mint
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Nerdist Presents “Thor 3: Ragnarok” - 1987 Trailer (The 80s-flavor makes everything awesome)

19 September, 2017 - 00:49
”Nerdist Presents brings you the answer to a question you always needed to ask - What if Thor: Ragnarok was actually made in the 1980S?” … Look, EVERYTHING looks awesome when does thru the retrolicious-mill of the 80s’ kitschy=style, and I LOVE IT! #Fact But NO, I don’t want to see the actual “Thor: Ragnarok” as an “80s movie” … I have memories of “Masters of the Universe” film (with Dolph
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1st Look at “GUAN YU” by Luke Chueh x Pobber Toys at #STGCC2017

19 September, 2017 - 00:36
Showcased at the recent the Pobber Toys booth at Singapore Toy, Games & Comic Con 2017 (Sept 9-10) was a line-up of “SAMURAI” figures (the base figure designed by Jon-Paul Kaiser) - featuring designs from (right-to-left of image): Quiccs’ custom-turned production resin “Baby Ghost”, JPK’s own skeletal-skull headed Samurai, Huck Gee’s “Skullhead Samurai”. AND steathily beside them all, a LUKE
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“Blade Runner 2049” Prequels from Luke Scott

18 September, 2017 - 11:15
BLADE RUNNER 2049 director Denis Villeneuve had invited filmmakers to direct a trio of “prequel” short films, bridging events unfolding after “2019”, and before “2049” - the year of the upcoming, highly anticipated feature film. Featured here today are shorts directed by Luke Scott (2016 “Morgan”, prequel shorts to “Alien: Covenant”). “2036: Nexus Dawn” (featured above) stars Jared Leto as “
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MANEKI WANANEKO in Sofubi from Javier Jiménez

18 September, 2017 - 11:10
Javier Jiménez has since announced his original character creation “Maneki Wananeko” - previously made in resin - will from now on be available in SOFUBI only! Check out the exciting video posted below! As well news that the first unpainted (“Pearly Green”) edition will be released at Super Festival #75 (9/24) in Tokyo, via @science_patrols’ table! ALSO here’s a glimpse at the exclusive
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1st Look at “LITTLE TERROR” from tokidoki x Action City @ #STGCC2017

18 September, 2017 - 10:04
Making their debut showcase at STGCC this year, were a quartet of figures named “LITTLE TERROR” from tokidoki, with the prototypes on display at Action City - who are also producing these cuties! Three delightful colorways and a "Clear" figure were on-show, which Simone Legno has since shared the figures’ design/inspiration to be: ”…the little ones we got (at) home break down the house just
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Seen@STGCC2017: Upcoming 4D XXRAY Collectibles from Jason Freeny x Mighty Jaxx

18 September, 2017 - 09:59
(Above image via originally @saaaa_muel) Spotted at the MIGHTY JAXX booth display at the recent Singapore Toy, Games & Comic Con 2017 (Sept 9-10) were a trio of 4D XXRAY figure collectibles - featuring Jason Freeny’s dissected anatomical aesthetics - on THE JOKER (recently released for pre-orders), and a upsized FLASH (from the regular-sized XXRAY figure from Wave 2), and this wonderful BMO
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Ron English’s CEREAL KILLERS Mini Figures now on pre-order

18 September, 2017 - 09:25
Since my first feature (back in Feb 2017), we now get to see clearly the entire line-up of Ron English’s upcoming CEREAL KILLERS 3-inch Mini Figures! Ad what is utterly cool about these, is that the box-art is unique to each character - which means this is not a “blind box” mystery set! 12 x characters to collect, and Tenacious Toys has them up for pre-order at US$119 for a full display case of
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HEX-A-PUSS by Joey as Ops. (Launched at SPACEMAN Exhibition)

18 September, 2017 - 06:33
And the final resin toy - launched at the recent weekend’s SPACEMAN Exhibition in Bandung - to be made available online now, the HEX-A-PUSS by Muralist/Illustrator/Sculptor Joey as Ops. (@onikspopssial)! This 6-inch tall resign figure (in original doorway) is in an edition of 15pcs, available now. DM @so.toy Instagram for price (Paypal accepted & ships worldwide). HEX-A-PUSS by @onikspopssial .
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Seen@STGCC2017: Daniel Yu + FuFuFanny

18 September, 2017 - 00:19
Singapore’s own Daniel Yu and Taiwan’s “FuFuFunny” AKA Fanny Kao co-helmed their own booth at Artist Alley for this year’s 10th Edition of Singapore Toy, Games & Comic Con! Scroll thru for more snaps of their booth and displays, and as well snaps from folks of their scores! I’d heartily recommend you folks to stay connected to their Instagrams @fufufanny.kao and @thedanielyu for updated
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18 September, 2017 - 00:11
Mark Nagata of Max Toy Co returns to Singapore an official "Invited Guest" at this year’s 10th Anniversary Edition of Singapore Toy, Games & Comic Con (Sept 9-10) and held court at his own booth (right next to the Main Stage) offering up a serious line-up of sofubi collectibles - produced by Max Toy Co themselves, along with superb hand-painted customs by Mark himself on select figures,
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Experiencing "My First STGCC" @ #STGCC2017

17 September, 2017 - 22:22
One week ago yesterday, I attended my “first ever toycon” at the 2017 Edition of Singapore Toy, Games & Comic Con, and while I have had indeed covered the annual convention for nearly a decade (this year is their “tenth edition”) as “MEDIA” (I even covered in in a wheelchair right after-Stroke, for pete’s sake hahahahaha), THIS would be the “first time” I aim to experience the geek-fest as an “
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Luke Chueh Head Space with Juan Muniz & Prisoner Release Party @ 3D Retro (Sept 16)

16 September, 2017 - 22:44
Luke Chueh Toy Release event at 3D Retro will see the launch of TWO product lines this September 16th - both from Munky King Toys - featuring the “PERCOCET” PRISONER and Artist HEAD SPACE with Juan Muniz. This will be the last colorway release for "Percocet" Prisoner, with each figure priced at US$30 and is in an edition of 500. Online Sales will start on Sunday 9/17/17 11AM PST on www.
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Seen@STGCC207: Unbox Industries

16 September, 2017 - 11:55
Unbox Industries was represented at two locations in two different countries lat weekend, at both 2017 Beijing Toy Show, and as well in Singapore for the 2017 Edition of Singapore Toy, Games & Comic Con! And at STGCC2017, Unbox was further represented in TWO sections of the convention floor too! Scroll thru for peeks, and stay connected to Unbox via their Instagram @unboxindustries, and CLICK
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16 September, 2017 - 11:37
Japan artist HARIKEN was flown in to Singapore and was hosted by HorNest at the past weekend’s Singapore Toy, Games & Comic Con 2017 (Sept 9-10) - which saw a schweet line-up of folks this side of toy-town! The Gentleman In Green, signed, live-painted, and shopped galore in SG, all the time looking to be the most joyous of folks I’ve seen at STGCC so far :) And while I’ve not had the pleasure
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Max Toy Co presents MINI ULTRA KAIJU Series & Mark Nagata on “Marusan Show”!

16 September, 2017 - 10:37
Max Toy Co announces a new kaiju sofubi series - titled “Mini Ultra Kaiju Series” - officially licensed through Tsuburaya Pro Japan, featuring TWO character figures: SADLAR and TAISHO! Debuting at the upcoming Super Festival (Sept 24th), do note that “Taisho” (see image in IG below) will be for sale in the USA, while “Sadlar” will only be available in Japan! Neither prices nor quantity
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