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TOYSREVIL'S I LIKE TOYS - 47 min 31 sec ago
WHAT-IS: Was 2016 a good year for you collecting toys? WIJAYA SANTOSO Instagram ) shares with us his TOP TEN TOYS OF 2016 today (And you can too), in a serial feature lasting the whole of January 2017, as we look back at a year of toys! Share Your Toy-Joy! WIJAYA SANTOS: “#10. Bandai S.H. Figuarts Black Widow - the best 1/12 scale black widow, Bandai did a beautiful face sculpt of
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Threezero Teases Pedro Pascal in 1/6, from Zhang Yimou’s “The Great Wall”

TOYSREVIL'S I LIKE TOYS - 12 hours 31 min ago
Threezero surprises folks with a teaser pic of their upcoming 1/6th adaptation of Zhang Yimou’s THE GREAT WALL feature film, with actor Pedro Pascal’s “Pero Tovar”! I have no doubt Matt Damon’s “William Garin” will see the light of toy-day, and as interesting to see a Andy Lau (as “Strategist Wang”), at least one of the 5 squads in battle armor to be made toy, innit? Who else would you want
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Luke Chueh’s THE PRISONER (Vicodin Edition) by Munky King Drops Jan 17

TOYSREVIL'S I LIKE TOYS - 13 hours 52 min ago
Walk a mile in my shoes?! You wouldn't make it five feet... #LukeChueh #MunkyKing #MunkyKingToys #ThePrisoner #Vicodin #DesignerToy #Addiction #dcon2016 #designercon2016A photo posted by ZachG (@beyond8bitz) on Nov 20, 2016 at 6:23pm PST Get ready to score a fix to your “toy-addiction” this coming January 17th @, for when Luke Chueh’s THE PRISONER (Vicodin Edition) goes online at
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Doktor A’s Anesthesia for #Conjoined7

TOYSREVIL'S I LIKE TOYS - 14 hours 17 min ago
"Anesthesia has been coerced into a disagreeable arrangement. Her father is a dealer in dreams. Thus he must procure stock. To this end he employs the services of one Hugo Crane, a person with a unique ability to extract dream essence from unsuspecting victims. But sometimes a specific target is required, the dreams of a certain person requested for a fee by another. Sometimes that target must
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Review – Star Wars Roleplaying “Citizens of the Galaxy” Adversary Deck - 17 hours 41 min ago
For use with any of Fantasy Flight Games’ Star Wars RPGs, the Citizens of the Galaxy* Adversary Deck is a clever product idea that was pulled together perfectly. Adapting game statistics and information from the three core rulebooks — Edge of the Empire*, Age of Rebellion*, and Force and Destiny* — the twenty cards in this deck are arguably unnecessary,... Read more →
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Madballs Many, Many: BLIND BOX PLAYHOUSE (Ep2) & TVCs from Kidrobot + American Greetings

TOYSREVIL'S I LIKE TOYS - 17 hours 50 min ago
Join Lyla and Piper for Episode #2 of BLIND BOX PLAYHOUSE as they open and compare Madballs by Kidrobot and Just Play Toys. And if you - like myself - where not as “familiar” with these 80s’ series, then scroll down to peep the 1980s MadBalls Commercial from American Greetings, followed by a shot by shot recreation by Kidrobots for their recent releases! (Above: OG American Greetings’ TVC /
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“Blast Into the Future” with the Buck Rogers XXVc Roleplaying Game - 17 hours 58 min ago
After last week’s ad for the Buck Rogers XXVc roleplaying game (find at*) of the nineties I dug out my collection of Buck Rogers XXVc books (and the boxed set!) and verified that yes, I do have a complete collection. Good! There does appear to be one slight problem, though, because I cannot find my collection of TSR’s Buck... Read more →
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MANKAS CHONG for #ByeBye2016Hello2017

TOYSREVIL'S I LIKE TOYS - 18 hours 36 min ago
WHAT-IS: TOYSREVIL asked a few select folks how their year was in 2016, and what plans are ahead for 2017! Stay tuned to continued coverage of M’S PRODUCTION & CO on #TOYSREVIL!TOYSREVIL: How was 2016 for you? Share with us your most triumphant moment in 2016. Any disappointments you’d like to share with us? Mankas, TAKU: “2016 was wonderful, meaningful and memorable to me, starting with the 1st
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Andy Kurovets’ "idol t1" by Castbreeder On Pre-Order Now!

TOYSREVIL'S I LIKE TOYS - 18 hours 40 min ago
Castbreeder introduces to TOYSREVIL-readers the latest indie art toy designed by Andy Kurovets (creator of Cunni), with the hippie bus humanoid; “Idol t1”! Sized 3.94 x3.14 x 2.76 inch (10 x 8 x 7 cm) - The resin figure has been hand sculpted, hand casted and airbrush painted, and will be limited to 50 pieces - currently available to pre-order online for US$63 (including free shipping). Public
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1985 Newspaper Ad for the G.I. Joe Tactical Battle Platform - 18 hours 52 min ago
Some of my best memories of the G.I. Joe Tactical Battle Platform playset are actually of the toy’s appearance in Marvel’s G.I. Joe comic books*. I had a friend who owned the playset back in the mid-eighties, but it was the toy’s appearance in the issues surrounding the creation of Cobra Island that most stand out in my mind. Of... Read more →
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Spotted Online – Freeway Fighter Article in Comic Heroes Magazine - 18 hours 57 min ago
The 1985 Freeway Fighter game book of the eighties (find at*, Wikipedia) is coming to comics! We saw a piece of artwork from the new comic series back in July, and now we get a peek at a bit of how the comic came to be in this Facebook post by the writer of the comic, Andi Ewington. What’s... Read more →
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Special Batman Comic from Monogram in 1995 - 19 hours 5 sec ago
When was the last time Monogram advertised model kits in a comic book? I can’t give you an exact date, but from a 1995 issue of DC’s Extreme Justice comes this full-page advertisement for Monogram model kits, showing that we now know that even in the mid-nineties toymakers thought of comics as a valuable advertising vehicle. And, best of all,... Read more →
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Playing With Plamo 2017 Model Competition Announcement! - 19 hours 21 min ago
We’ve been hinting at this for some time and we’ve put the finishing touches and it’s ready to go. HobbyLink.TV’s Playing With Plamo 2017 Modeling Competition is now open. Be sure to check out the contest page for all the details! Playing With Plamo 2017 Model Competition Check out the groups from the last competition […]
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