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Arc System Works, Story of Seasons Creator Announce Birthdays Game With Western Release Planned

Anime News Network - 1 hour 53 min ago
NIS America to localize PS4 god game in N. America, Europe
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December 2016 Blu-ray and DVD Releases from Section23 Films

SciFi Japan - 1 hour 56 min ago
Artwork not final – mock-up. Photos courtesy of Section23 Films.
LOVE, CHUNIBYO & OTHER DELUSIONS ~ HEART THROB Available December 13th Source: Section23 Films press release Special Thanks to Mike Bailiff Home video distributor Section23 Films today announced its December slate of releases; including Sentai Filmworks’ Limited Edition Premium Box Set of LOVE, CHUNIBYO & OTHER DELUSIONS ~ HEART THROB! Additional releases for December include DVD and Blu-ray Collections of WAKABA*GIRL, LITTLE BUSTERS! EX and MY LOVE STORY, plus ANGELIC LAYER, THE KAWAI COMPLEX GUIDE TO MANORS & HOSTEL BEHAVIOR and HAKUOKI ~ DEMON OF THE FLEETING BLOSSOM: RECORD OF THE JADE BLOOD SEASON 2 on Blu-ray Read on for plot descriptions, DVD and Blu-ray specs, and cover art for all of these titles. Continued...
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Mia REGINA Performs Opening Theme for Matoi the Sacred Slayer Anime

Anime News Network - 3 hours 23 min ago
Group debuted in August, performed ending theme for Momokuri
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Japan's Animation TV Ranking, August 15-21

Anime News Network - 3 hours 53 min ago
5 Centimeters Per Second film airs
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Miss Hokusai Film's New English-Subtitled Trailer Streamed

Anime News Network - 4 hours 23 min ago
Film about Japanese artist screens October 14 in New York, Los Angeles
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To The Death - New Creator-Owned Digital Comic From Classic Transformers Creators Simon Furman & Geoff Senior

Tformers - 4 hours 24 min ago
Simon Furman has gotten in touch with us to talk about To The Death, a new collaboration between Furman and fellow Transformers comics veteran Geoff Senior. While not directly Transformers-related, the digital comic is set to feature "a digital comic book saga set in Earths future that echoes the hard-edged sci-fi of Dragons Claws and Deaths Head (both of which we co-created) and some of the heavy mech of Transformers" according to Furman. Keep reading for more info, art, and some preview pages!
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Rhodanthe* Performs Theme Song for Kin-iro Mosaic/KINMOZA! Special Anime Episode

Anime News Network - 5 hours 23 min ago
Group made up of KINMOZA! voice actresses to release single in November
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Tread Lightly

Glyos Transmission Blog - 6 hours 1 min ago

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Madman Streams 2016 Death Note Film's Trailer With English Subtitles

Anime News Network - 6 hours 23 min ago
Live-action sequel film screens in Australian theaters this year
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Third Time's The Charm: Rebuilding My Microman Collection. (Microman Micronauts)

Gangustars - 6 hours 43 min ago
About four years ago I decided I was going to try to collect Microman toys again. I built and sold two collections by this point, and since a few years had past I was kinda missing having the little guys around. Sure, I kept a few bits each time I sold a collection off, but I'm a toy addict, a "few" of anything isn't going to do it for me. And this time around I felt I needed to really go after aGanguStars
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Ace Attorney - Spirit of Justice's Animated Prologue Streamed With English Dub

Anime News Network - 7 hours 23 min ago
Demo launches; game slated for September 8
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Kirby Café to open tomorrow in Tokyo!

Rinkya Blog - 7 hours 30 min ago

kirby, kirby cafe, tokyo, japan travel, rinkya, japan

Kirby Café to open tomorrow in Tokyo! Prepare for a cuteness overload with Kirby at the Toky Sky Tree Twown Soramachi. You’ll find the Kirby Café, and with it, super cute and yummy food featuring Kirby. This collaboration between Sky Tree Town Soramachi and Kirby will start tomorrow, August 26. The café has a great collaboration café menu plenty of Kirby and friends. This is to commemorate the 25th Anniversary of Kirby’s birth next year.

Let’s take a closer look at it!

kirby, kirby cafe, tokyo, japan travel, rinkya, japan

Kirby Café is located on the 4th floor of the East Yard of Sky Tree. The entrance is located on the outdoor deck. (There is no entrance from inside!)

kirby, kirby cafe, tokyo, japan travel, rinkya, japan

You can find illustrations of Kirby and friends decorating the glasses of the café. Kirby is a cook, but he is also doing other stuff all over the decorations. There’s also a huge mascot illustration board and figurines in the café.

kirby, kirby cafe, tokyo, japan travel, rinkya, japan

In fact, there is a Kirby figurine waiting for customers on all seats. This is to accompany you while you’re having a Kirby experience.

kirby, kirby cafe, tokyo, japan travel, rinkya, japan

The menu has all types of food and drinks, including sweets. You can choose 18 types of food and drinks. You can go for a Fluffy Kirby Pancake for 1480 yen excluding tax. It’s made with fresh cream and custard cream. It also has Raspberry puree and it’s pink!

kirby, kirby cafe, tokyo, japan travel, rinkya, japan

You can also choose a super cute luxury rice dish for 1680 yen excluding tax. It has fried beef and has been flavored with red wine. It has a demi-glace sauce that combines a mellow flavor. It’s super yummy and super cute.

kirby, kirby cafe, tokyo, japan travel, rinkya, japan

You can also enjoy Kirby Latte Art. You can take a cute Pupupuchino for 650 yen (excluding tax), a Meta Knight Okigake for 700 yen (excluding tax) and others.

kirby, kirby cafe, tokyo, japan travel, rinkya, japan

If you order part of the food in the menu, you can have a super cute gift: a figurine of Kirby Café collection. You can collect them if you go often to the café!

kirby, kirby cafe, tokyo, japan travel, rinkya, japan

Along with the café you’ll find an official goods shop where you can buy cute souvenirs. Don’t miss this opportunity to enjoy the Kirby Café if you’re in Tokyo!

Where to find it:
Sumida-ku, Tokyo push 1-1-2 Tokyo Sky Tree Town Soramachi

Source: Entabe
Images source: Entabe

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Coming Soon: DC Party Lights, DC TV Dorbz!

Funko - 8 hours 6 min ago

Head over to the Legion of Collectors blog for more info!

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#StrangerThings Eleven & Dustin by Wetworks Availability Update

TOYSREVIL'S I LIKE TOYS - 8 hours 17 min ago
WETWORKS SAYS: ”…I’m giving away this one-off Eleven figure that's going to be signed by 11 herself, Millie Bobby Brown! Just simply REPOST this picture on your IG, FOLLOW and TAG @iamwetworks & @asiapopcomicon with the hashtag #elevenatapcc that's it! easy! the winner will be announced on Aug 28, Sunday night at 10pm SGT, Good luck peeps!"Carlo Chaco AKA Wetworks is teasing us severely, with two
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