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void-departure by coarse Available For Sale at Everyday Mooonday

TOYSREVIL'S I LIKE TOYS - 18 January, 2017 - 23:36
You might have see this sculpt on display at coarse’s past/present exhibition at Everyday Mooonday in South Korea … announced today is the sale of the “void departure”, in an extremely limited run of only 5 pieces! No prices revealed for this handmade resin original, so folks might want to email in to “” for enquiries … their previous Omen fade - full moon has since
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Yosiell Lorenzo’s Sicklings Winter Collection & Orphans from Dudleytown Drops Jan 19th

TOYSREVIL'S I LIKE TOYS - 18 January, 2017 - 23:20
Yosiell Lorenzo sends word that he will be dropping his first release of the year on Thursday January 19, 2017 @ Available will be The Sicklings Winter Collection."This colorway will only be available in January. The collection includes The Winter Gatherer, The Winter Traveller, and Glacia the winter witch woodland orphan. I will also have a small batch of new minis,
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MONSTROSITIES @ myplasticheart (Feb 4-Mar 4, 2017)

TOYSREVIL'S I LIKE TOYS - 18 January, 2017 - 23:17
MPH PRESS: ”Our annual MONSTROSITIES show is back with an impressive lineup of some previous favorites as well as a number of new additions! This year’s exhibit features the work of 12 amazing US and Japanese Kaiju artists including the following: Blobpus / Candie Bolton / Gabriella June / Guumon / Kearjun / Oltretomba / Paul Kaiju / Mechavirus / Michael Devera / Monsterfoot Creations / Planet X
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The Coming of SUSHI CARS Mini Series from Tokidoki

TOYSREVIL'S I LIKE TOYS - 18 January, 2017 - 23:04
You cannot deny the cuteness of Simone Legno-created characters, and Tokidoki toys are known to lure you in with their adorability and kill you with their kawaii! (Since my first post back in 2005, for the Cactus Friends) … And the latest series to come, is their SUSHI CARS! Thus far we have seen a few images of your usual Tokidoki-characters, riding a Sushi-car! Expect more to be revealed (on
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Kickstarter: Ninjatown Sticker Club

Plastic and Plush - 18 January, 2017 - 21:30

Shawn Smith of Shawnimals fame has decided to kickstart a series of Ninjatown stickers. These stickers, some logo-ish, some character-based, will be delivered to you once a month for a year, starting in January 2017 (along with some bonus stickers thrown in now and again because... stickers, and because... ninjas). The Kickstarter Project is limited to 100 backers, so sign up if you're interested.

This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by Tuesday, January 31st 2017 at 8PM EST.

Remember...this is not a pre-order. There are many instances of crowd funded projects that have been funded never making good on their promised goods. So back with caution.

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PRHI 3D Printed Lifesize Kenner Star Wars Weapons

Prometheum5's collected works - 18 January, 2017 - 21:05
prhi-bespin-01 prhi-imperial-01 prhi-smuggler-01 prhi-lightsaber-01

The nice thing about having a set of 3D model files drawn up for something is that the files can be scaled to any size you want, and printed out.  Some adjustments were needed, but once I had my models ready for my PRHI Kenner Star Wars Accessories, I was able to print the same designs out, but at lifesize!  Kenner’s Star Wars weapon sculpts are iconic amongst vintage toys, with a level of detail and charm informed by how those early toys came to be.  They are immediately recognizable as representative of what we saw in the films, but they are an interpretation with their own merits.  As such, it turns out that they make really satisfying lifesize toys, with chunky details and familiar shapes.  So far I’ve completed two of the first weapons made, the smuggler pistol and imperial blaster rifle, as well as the later-made lightsaber, and my personal favorite, the Bespin blaster.  I am working through more of the catalog and will post pics when they’re completed!  Now I just need to figure out how to display them.

prhi-smuggler-05 prhi-imperial-04 prhi-lightsaber-03 prhi-bespin-03

More pics after the fold!













Live-Action Tokyo Ghoul Film's New Visual Shows Tōka Kirishima

Anime News Network - 18 January, 2017 - 20:55
Fumika Shimizu plays heroine in summer film
Categories: Anime

Holy Mother Of Microchips, Transformers Legends Super Ginrai Is A Sexy Thing!

Gangustars - 18 January, 2017 - 20:42
So here I am in a situation where in my Transformers Legends Soundwave review I was pretty "ho-hum" about the toy and my need for it over the Hasbro version, and my now complete 180 degree turn in my excitement over the Legends Super Ginrai. I frickin' love this toy! And the odd thing is, I didn't want it,and only pre-ordered (weeks after my TF Legends Soundwave order) because the price was so GanguStars
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Super Robot Chogokin Genesic Gaogaigar Hell and Heaven Version By Bandai (Part 1: Unbox) - 18 January, 2017 - 20:13
Available From HobbyLink Japan – By Cacophanus from Mecha Damashii One of the most epic super robot anime is arguably King of Braves GaoGaiGar. Over the years we’ve received a variety of great toys of the main mecha, from the impressive Soul of Chogokin effort to the more compact Super Robot Chogokin. It’s the […]
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Director Masaaki Yuasa Reveals Yoake Tsugeru Lu no Uta Anime Film

Anime News Network - 18 January, 2017 - 19:11
Yuasa's 1st film with original story is slated for May 19 in Japan
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Pop! Animation: Powerpuff Girls

Plastic and Plush - 18 January, 2017 - 19:00

Three perfect little girls, made of sugar, spice, everything nice… and “Chemical X”. Funko has announced the Pop! Animation: Powerpuff Girls series of vinyl collectibles.You'll be able to collect the adorable crime-fighting trio (Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup), as well their arch nemesis Mojo Jojo, and HIM, the chaotic and mysterious evil-doer.

You can currently pre-order these figures from

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Fire Emblem Heroes Game Announced for Smart Devices

Anime News Network - 18 January, 2017 - 17:58
Game slated for February 2 on Android, iOS devices to follow
Categories: Anime
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