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Anime Production Companies, Manga Publishers Crack Down on Piracy

Anime News Network - 32 min 46 sec ago
580 copyright violators will receive content removal requests beginning Friday
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Mighty Jaxx + Scott Tolleson presents Lyle Bean - Available Online Now

TOYSREVIL'S I LIKE TOYS - 1 hour 13 min ago
After a series of teaser and reveals, and a debut at San Diego Comic Con 2014, get ready for an online debut now at! Lyle Bean is available individually (US$30) or as a set of 4 (USD120). Exclusively for Mighty Jaxx online store, you will receive a rare clear version absolutely free when you purchase a set of 4. PRODUCT PRESS: "Mighty Jaxx proudly presents the first of
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Seymour’s Sideshow Submissions

Plastic and Plush - 1 hour 42 min ago
Seymour Sideshow

Seymour (Peter Kelk) is taking part in the Sideshow group show at Stranger Factory. The carnival inspired show opens in Albuquerque, NM on Friday August 1st 2014, with a reception running from 6PM to 9PM.

Seymour has shared several photos of pieces he has submitted to the show. These are all one-off pieces, each standing around 7" and all are resin sculpted then painted with acrylic.

Seymour General Iris Seymour Silas Split
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Otaku.CollectionDX - 1 hour 56 min ago
Release Date: 
We think this song's title sums it up just fine. Read on if it doesn't offend you.

Apparently, this often dubbed "plastic" duo -- also known as FEMM -- is a serious Youtube sensation. To that end, they have several singles available in the iTunes U.S. store. But their new single "FXXK BOYZ GET MONEY" is the first time I've come across them. Why, who knows... While I do tend to cover certain artists over and over again, I also keep my eyes and ears open for new artists, so I should have heard of these girls sooner. But I didn't, and for that I apologize because you deserve to hear them, as they're quite good!

YouTube Video: 
See video

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Futari wa Pretty Cure Voice Actress Youko Honna Announces Marriage

Anime News Network - 2 hours 43 min ago
Voice of Nagisa Misumi/Cure Black, Koi Suru Tenshi Angelique's Ange marries person outside of industry
Categories: Anime

Shinshokan's Yuri Manga Magazine Hirari Ends Publication

Anime News Network - 3 hours 43 min ago
Magazine that launched in 2010 featured works by Milk Morinaga, Gido Amagakure
Categories: Anime

Deadpool: Test Footage & 1/6 figure by Sideshow Collectibles

TOYSREVIL'S I LIKE TOYS - 3 hours 59 min ago
You know that supposedly "test footage" for a DEADPOOL film (formerly in development, and might still be in) that constantly gets pulled on YouTube? Don't thank me now, click PLAY first before THIS gets pulled! This is apparently officially released by Blur Studios, from an animated 8 minutes of test footage from director Tim Miller. But if it does get pulled, feel free to enjoy these images of
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Transformers 4 Age of Extinction Generations Deluxe Lockdown Sighted At US Retail

Tformers - 4 hours 12 min ago
Apparently it'll play in Peoria: Seibertron reports that Generations Lockdown has been sighted and purchased in an Illinois Target. For $9.96 no less! Keep reading for a mirrored image and a link to the original story, then go dig out that $5 giftcard you got for buying Silver Knight Prime and Fall of Cybertron Grimlock!
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New Images of Masterpiece Star Saber

Tformers - 4 hours 22 min ago
Planet Iacon has posted new scans showing off Masterpiece Star Saber along with his smaller component robot, Saber. His Brainmaster component, the Brain of Courage, is not shown, or at least not clearly visible at this resolution, but he does have an opening clear-plastic cockpit and there might be something in it...? Keep reading to see the scans and judge for yourself.
Categories: Transformers

Takahiro Sakurai, Hiroko Taguchi Lead Le Fruit de la Grisaia Anime's Cast

Anime News Network - 4 hours 23 min ago
Ryouko Tanaka, Tomoe Tamiyasu, Kaori Mizuhashi, Ai Shimizu also join cast; Maon Kurosaki, fripside's Yoshino Nanjou perform theme songs
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More Unreleased G2 Figures On eBay - Combat Hero Optimus Prime and Megatron

Tformers - 4 hours 37 min ago
Once again, unreleased G2 figures are making their way to eBay. The Combat Hero Optimus Prime and Megatron are recolors of the super-articulated (for the time but still pretty darn good) 5quot; tall Hero Optimus Prime and Megatron figures with air-launching missiles. This blue color scheme was the inspiration for the G2 recolor of Laser Optimus Prime that appeared in the 2012 Ultimate Gift Set. Keep reading for photos, plus links to the auctions!
Categories: Transformers

First Look Toyworld Dinobot Image Shows Combiner Team Homage Figures - Update: More Pics!

Tformers - 4 hours 38 min ago
Well, 18 months after posting their first teaser, we have out first look at TW-D01 (not Snarl, who looks finished) and TW-D02 (not Sludge, seen as a prototype) - In COMBINED MODE!Amazingly these combiners seem to be taking their positions on the combiner as legs just like the TFC Toys Star Rescue Team dinosaur combiner, but they are clearly a more G1 accurate homage.Their web site still says that the entire team is scheduled for 2014 release.
Categories: Transformers

Tuttz Art Contest

Plastic and Plush - 4 hours 42 min ago
Tuttz Contest

Eric Nocella Diaz and Argonaut Resins have launched another Tuttz Art Contest. You've got a chance to win a FREE Tuttz Mini cat 3.5-inch resin figurine. All you need to do is follow directions. The cut off date for contest entries is August 31st 2014, and you can enter as many times as you you're allowed to use any materials you want to complete your Tuttz art.

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The Loyal Subjects Post Image Of Upcoming G1 Scrapper Vinyl To Facebook

Tformers - 4 hours 47 min ago
The Loyal Subjects have posted an image showing off Constructicon Scrapper from the upcoming third wave of their Transformers Action Vinyls. These little guys are about 3quot; tall and feature multiple points of articulation. Keep reading to see the photo!
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Transformers 4 Lost Age of Extinction - TakaraTomy Toy Commercial and Toyline Theme Song

Tformers - 5 hours 5 min ago
And wouldn't it be just like Movie Prime to plug his friends' bodies into his shoulders for a powerup? Transformers 4: Lost Age is out in Japan, and TakaraTomy is supporting the movie with both toy commercials, and a themesong for the kids' line of figures: quot;Kakkoeasy!quot; It's one of those difficult to translate Japanese wordplays that combines the words quot;Kakkoiiquot; (quot;handsomequot; or quot;cool-lookingquot;) and quot;Easyquot; (which is written quot;i-ji-quot; in Japanese.) Defin
Categories: Transformers

ShockerCat by CatMask Meaw

TOYSREVIL'S I LIKE TOYS - 5 hours 28 min ago
From Thailand-based artist toymaker known as Catmask Meaw comes "SHOCKER CAT" - a self-made resin toy, with his own CATMASK character in sculpted and hand-painted guise as a "Shocker"! No details about availability a yet, but you could go bug him on his Facebook, or stake out his online store!
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New Junjo Romantica Boys-Love Anime is 3rd TV Series

Anime News Network - 5 hours 43 min ago
2nd season adapting Shungiku Nakamura's manga premiered in 2008
Categories: Anime

Why Doesn’t My Favorite Game Get More Support? - 5 hours 59 min ago
Continue reading: Why Doesn’t My Favorite Game Get More Support?
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