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Video Review: Voltes V

18 inches of diecast and plastic.

Video Review: Shuttle Robo

Fantastic upgrade to the classic design.

Video Review: Missile Tank Robo

If you stop about halfway you can make a GERWALK walker tank!

Video Review: Battle Robo

Battle Robo is ready to kick your ass.

Video Review: Black Lion

Black and huge.

Video Review: Blue Lion

The hardest lion to find at the time

Video Review: Green Lion

Heyyyy it's the Green Lion, a lot like the Red lion, just on the other side.

Video Review: The Unrustable Bastards

These Bastards don't rust. But they do wear a lot of orange.

Video Review: Yellow Lion

Hunk's ride.

Video Review: DX Bike Robo

Totally not Cy-Kill.

Video Review: Red Lion

The Red Lion from Playmates Toys Voltron 84 is a fun upgrade.

Video Review: Destroid Monster

This Monster is a MONSTER

Video Review: Dia-Battles V2 (Alpha Plus Ver.)

An amazing update to a classic design.

Video Review: Scrooge McDuck

An amazing action figure from Funko.

Video Review: Darkwing Duck

I am the..... duck?

Video Review: Baloo

They just aren't made like this anymore.

Video Review: Dale

Once they release Gadget they will break the internet.

Video Review: Chip

A stylish rodent.

Video Review: Casshern & Friender

An android and his best friend.

Video Review: Sv-262Hs Draken Ⅲ Keith Aero Windermere Use

The White Knight arrives.

Video Review: Yume (F/G) Renewal Version

Robotic. Pink. Panties.

Video Review: Reactive Armor for VF-0 Phoenix

Finishing the Phoenix.

Video Review: Enzi

Takayuki Takeya x 1000toys = amazing.

Video Review: Getter Arc

The first United Gokin is Getter Arc!

Video Review: Voltron Legendary Defender (Combined)

Some assembly required, but well worth it.