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Video Review: Lowlife

Are you Ready2robot? I was not.

Video Review: Albegas (Denjin Dimension)

A new company out of Taiwan called MaxxWork has come screaming out of the gate with not one, but THREE different vinyl jumbos of Albegas, in the three main modes. In this review, we are looking at the most popular mode, Denjin Dimension.

Video Review: Synthetic Human Test Body

The 1/12 scale Synthetic Human Test Body will available exclusively at Summer Toy Festivals around the world in limited quantities.

Video Review: Voltes V

18 inches of diecast and plastic.

Video Review: Shuttle Robo

Fantastic upgrade to the classic design.

Video Review: Missile Tank Robo

If you stop about halfway you can make a GERWALK walker tank!

Video Review: Battle Robo

Battle Robo is ready to kick your ass.

Video Review: Black Lion

Black and huge.

Video Review: Blue Lion

The hardest lion to find at the time

Video Review: Green Lion

Heyyyy it's the Green Lion, a lot like the Red lion, just on the other side.

Video Review: The Unrustable Bastards

These Bastards don't rust. But they do wear a lot of orange.

Video Review: Yellow Lion

Hunk's ride.

Video Review: DX Bike Robo

Totally not Cy-Kill.

Video Review: Red Lion

The Red Lion from Playmates Toys Voltron 84 is a fun upgrade.

Video Review: Destroid Monster

This Monster is a MONSTER

Video Review: Dia-Battles V2 (Alpha Plus Ver.)

An amazing update to a classic design.

Video Review: Scrooge McDuck

An amazing action figure from Funko.

Video Review: Darkwing Duck

I am the..... duck?

Video Review: Baloo

They just aren't made like this anymore.

Video Review: Dale

Once they release Gadget they will break the internet.

Video Review: Chip

A stylish rodent.

Video Review: Casshern & Friender

An android and his best friend.

Video Review: Sv-262Hs Draken Ⅲ Keith Aero Windermere Use

The White Knight arrives.

Video Review: Yume (F/G) Renewal Version

Robotic. Pink. Panties.

Video Review: Reactive Armor for VF-0 Phoenix

Finishing the Phoenix.