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Video Review: Wind-Up Color T.V.

"We're gonna have a T.V. Party tonight!"

Video Review: Shockwave

Logic logic logic something logic

Video Review: Lion Mechazord

To create the Gosei Grand Megazord, you need to also purchase the Knight Brothers Zords - Sealion and...

Video Review: Starscream


Video Review: Bulkhead

His head is full of bulk.

Video Review: Project Uranos F-15 Eagle

F-15 Eagle is the second release in TFC Toys' Project Uranos. He is based on the Transformers Autobot Air Raid and forms a well-made foot for Uranos.

Video Review: Smokescreen

Amongst all the colorful cheesy spikiness in the Beast Hunters line, comes this little gem.

Video Review: F-16 Fighting Falcon

This review is a twofer as I cover both variations on the F-16 Fighting Falcon figure by Volks. The F-16 is one of the more traditional feeling toys in the A3 line.

Video Review: Demolition Crüe Apex

Apex is an updated version of the Autobot Jumpstarter, Topspin! This is a high-quality unlicensed figure by Mech iDeas.

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Video Review: Gaiking

Evolution toy is using magnemo joints as just another means of articulation, rather than the whole point of the toy. This is still Gaiking, first and foremost.

Video Review: Legacy Megazord

Megazord sequence has been initiated!

Video Review: Demolition Crüe Geminus

Mech iDeas comes out swinging with their first release, the Demolition Crüe. Swinging hammers, that is!

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Video Review: RMS Arcadia Libird

Let's Go! Let's Go! Smash it up!

Video Review: DX Buster Hercules Set

Activating my marker system… for fun.

Video Review: F-4 Phantom

The Muv-Luv world's very first Tactical Surface Fighter makes for an interesting toy in the form of Volk's F-4 Phantom figure. It's big, burly, and ready to slam evil!

Video Review: Tachi Yellow

This variant of the adorable Tachikoma from Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex is a fun figure that is full of character and has some surprising gimmicks!

Video Review: Kamen Rider Zeronos (Altair Form)

Let me say this to start, I have a pretty strong sense of design aesthetics.

Video Review: Volfogg with Big Order Room

They say big things come in small packages. In the case of Volfogg, he's a small robot that comes with big things!

Video Review: Getter Dragon

This new gokin line is off to a great start.

Video Review: Wild Tiger

I'm wild over Wild Tiger.

Video Review: 12PM C-3PO

Bandai’s 12PM Chogokin C-3PO is an impressive toy. It really is Bandai at the top of their game, creating the ultimate Star Wars collectable.

Video Review: RAH NEO Evangelion-01 Test Type

Medicom introduces the Real Action Hero NEO line by bringing us the most posable and best looking Evangelion Unit-01 experience yet.

HD video review included!

Video Review: Morphin Brace

Let's Morphin'!!

Video Review: F-14D Tomcat

Goin' highway to the danger zone with a Muv-Luv Alternative toy from Volks! The F-14D Tomcat was a great entry point to these limited run figures and allowed me to demystify them a bit.

Video Review: ThreeA Toys Metal Gear REX

ThreeA's long-awaited Metal Gear REX is finally here!