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Toy of the Year 2012

2012 was a good year for toys with some outstanding releases coming in just under the wire. Our entirely un-scientific voting method has narrowed down the pack to the top 10 in each category. From there, YOU the public, voted to let us know which was the best of the best. So, without further ado, here are the 2012 Toys of the Year

Best High-End Toy

Yamato Macross VF-4G Lightning III

It really was a race between the VF-4G and the DX Mazinger Z, but the legions of Macross fans threw their support behind the long awaited valkyrie.

Best Action Figure

TMNT Classic Collection

Despite only having one TMNT review in the history of CollectionDX, the Classic Collection just narrowly took the top spot. The 90's kids are out in full force as the second place went to the SRC Daizyuzin (a.k.a. the original Megazord( from Power Rangers. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles won with ONE VOTE.

Best Gokin

DX Soul of Chogokin Mazinger Z

Even though it didn't win best high-end toy, the DX SOC Mazinger Z can rest assured that it is king of the gokin. This fantastic piece won by a landslide.

Best Transforming Toy

Yamato Macross VF-4G Lightning III

While we have no doubt that this is a fantastic toy, we definitely think the Macross crowd came out for this one. Technically it is a transforming toy, and it is amazing, but it may have skewed the vote. Just a little.

Best Designer Toy

Glyos Armorvor

This entirely new Glyos sculpt really captured the fans attention this year. While not a "designer toy" in the traditional sense, we lumped in all the toys we had covered that were the result of an artists vision.

Best Actual Kids Toy

TMNT Classic Collection

There's an internal argument at CollectionDX as to wether or not the TMNT Classic Collection are actual kids toys as they appear to be targeted to collectors. However, when one looks at the actual toy - despite the nostalgic quality, they are toys any kid could play with, were sold at mass market retail and had a normal price point. I bet any kid who got their hands on one was super happy with them.

Overall Winners

The patterns above are clear as to what toys the audience thought were the best in 2012. We aggregated the stats and calculated the top vote getters overall.

1. Yamato Macross VF-4G Lightning III 202 votes
2. DX Soul of Chogokin Mazinger Z 188 votes
3. TMNT Classic Collection 114 votes

TOTY12: Best High-End Toy

Posted 6 January, 2013 - 14:34 by JoshB

TOTY12: Best Gokin

Posted 6 January, 2013 - 14:57 by JoshB

TOTY12: Best Designer Toy

Posted 6 January, 2013 - 15:00 by JoshB

TOTY12: Best Action Figure

Posted 6 January, 2013 - 14:54 by JoshB

TOTY12: Best Transforming Toy

Posted 6 January, 2013 - 15:03 by JoshB

TOTY12: Best Actual Kids Toy

Posted 6 January, 2013 - 15:06 by JoshB

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TOTY12: Best Action Figure

  • Juise's picture
  • 11 January, 2013 - 23:23

With the exclusion of Riobot Gurren Lagan I couldn't even cast a vote in this category!

Yeah, totally. Don't think

  • mpchi's picture
  • 16 January, 2013 - 01:07

Yeah, totally. Don't think any of those entries can even touch Riobot Gurren Lagann from the design and poseability stand point. Its a shame its not even listed.

Even though it took three

  • Demonseed's picture
  • 11 January, 2013 - 23:35

Even though it took three attempts to get one that didn't have paint splatter or stress marks, no Blazing Sword Voltron?

MS-05L Zaku I Sniper Type didn't make the cut either... MS-06 was 2011 I guess.? I haven't had either in my hands but they are two good looking figures, both with diecast.

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